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Aren't we such trend setters? According to ivillage.com's article on the "10 Nursery Trends We Love" - #4 is Creating a Second Place to Sleep in the nursery, and guess who they used as the perfect example? US!  Here's what they said... "Your babe deserves his own stylish, one-of-a-kind nursery, right? We talked to our favorite interior designers to get the scoop on the latest baby room trends -- here's a hint: ditch the glider! Get inspired (to do, or re-do! ) with these 10 new decorating trends." "Designer Katy Mimari of Caden Lane put both a bed and a crib in Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz's son Bronx's room. While we can assume this was not done for lack of space in the Wentz casa, for the rest of us, we love how this arrangement accommodates both visiting grandma and a tired mom who prefers to crash right in baby's room after a midnight feeding. And the Simpson/Wentzs aren’t the only ones -- in Gwyneth Paltrow's temporary Nashville digs, her kids have a Blu Dot 'Flat Out' sleeper sofa in their room, in addition to bunkbeds. We love the idea of having some adult-sized lounging options in small-stuff's room." To check out the entire story - CLICK HERE!

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