A fun and easy floral wreath DIY that's perfect for a baby girl's nursery

3 Easy Steps to create a DIY Floral Wreath

You know you've repinned it. That super cute newborn baby picture with the baby perfectly centered inside a floral garland.... yeah, we're obsessed too. So, we recently decided to make it on a bigger scale, and incorporate it into nursery design... and boy, are we excited about how it turned out! Plus, we're a sucker for a simple DIY, and this one could not be easier! All you need is a few simple supplies and a hot glue gun. Coordinate the colors with your floral baby bedding (we used Teagans Boho Crib Bedding), or incorporate it into your big girl room design - either way, it's a timeless decor piece that you just can't screw up! (The best kind of DIY!)

Floral Wreath DIY Finished Images with glittered wood monogram - The perfect wall decor for your baby girl's nursery

So here's what you need: Make a quick trip to your local craft store and grab as many floral stems as you want. We wanted a full look on our garland, so went with larger flowers to fill more space.

floral garland supplies at the craft store

We opted for a pre-made 6-foot floral garland, which was a little more expensive, but it already had some flowers on it and had a wire base that was easy to hot glue the extra flowers too. You could also easily pick your own greenery and use wire to create the size and shape you needed.

To make this floral wreath a simple DIY purchase a premade garland (or two) from the craft store

Step 1, 2, and 3: Yup, it's that simple! Pulling the stems off the back of the flowers took the longest time, but after it was all disassembled, all we had to do was glue the flowers onto the pre-made garland. I found that it was easier to lay out the two garland pieces so that the colors could be distributed evenly - but that's part of the fun too!

Hot Gluing Fake Flowers to a Garland to Make a Gorgeous Floral Wreath for Your Walls

You can watch us in super speed hang the garland in the video below - but here's a close up of the cuteness too! We found that the easiest way to attach the floral wreath was to hold it in place and nail through the flowers to attach it to the wall securely. You can even add a few more flowers after it's on the wall if you feel like it's missing in certain spots.

Close Up View of Completed Floral Garland Wall Decor

We can think of a thousand cute things to put in the center of the floral wreath, but nothing screamed more for our large wood monogram than this space! With a quick layer of glue and glitter, we think it added the perfect finishing touch to the nursery wall. Don't you? (Gold glitter makes everything better!)

Glittering a large wood mongoram

So let's see us install (hang) this gorgeous thing in real time...just kidding, it's a time lapse. You wouldn't want to sit through the whole thing if it wasn't fast forwarded, but we do think it looks pretty dang good if we don't say so ourselves! :)


We're having too much fun creating the nursery installs and DIY videos - make sure you check out Crew's Woodland nursery install, and yes, we promise our designer really does MOVE THAT FAST!

Our Designer, Katy Mimari, holding the finished product before hanging the floral garland on the nursery wall


  • Caden Lane

    Jessica – I believe we found ours at Michael’s, but Hobby Lobby or your local craft store should carry one. :)

  • Jessica Angie

    Where did you find wire garland?

  • Caden Lane

    Hi Laura! Thanks for your comment – we used two (2) six-foot garlands to make the full wreath, one on each side :)

  • Laura Doane

    Wreath looks beautiful. Was wondering did you use 2 6ft pieces or 1 6ft cut in half?

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