3 Floral Crib Sheets That Add Style to Your Crib

The great thing about floral patterns is that they can come in all different designs and colors, so they become very versatile, acting as the statement piece or the subtle touch of color your outfit (or room!) needs to be complete. These qualities make it a great style piece for your nursery! While the boys will be missing out on all of the fun, the girls can enjoy fresh flowers and colorful designs as they grow up in style with floral crib sheets! Let's start with the most obvious floral print... Pink! What is a floral print if it isn't girly and frilly and pink? Granted, not all floral prints are stuck within this description, but a lot of them are and a lot of new moms are in love with them! Floral crib sheets, like I mentioned before, are not for the boys. So if you're going to do floral, you may as well go all the way girly! Try Caden Lane's Coral Camilla Ruffle Bedding Set; perfect peachy tones with bright turquoise contrasting the flowing flowers and making all the colors pop. It's the perfect choice for new moms looking for a very traditional floral bedding set to welcome their new baby home with!

Coral Camila Floral Crib SheetsCoral Camila Ruffle Baby Bedding from Caden Lane

If you're a fan of the floral, but not so much the frill and pink, try something more subtle in the floral crib sheet category, like mint! Blue hues are more calming and will counteract the bright pops of flower print so they don't feel like they are jumping out at you quite so much. It's more of a gentle introduction into the floral world, yet still sweet enough to please your friends when they come visit your precious new baby. Lucy's Mint Rose is a great example of the cool mint and floral touches, adding just the perfect mix of patterns, bows, and ruffles to make any mom sigh with happiness.

Lucy's Mint Floral Crib BeddingLucy's Mint Rose Baby Bedding from Caden Lane

I know you're thinking... I don't want pink or blue! Well, then we have the perfect set for you. It's true. Most new moms tend to stick to the general, traditional colors, even if they veer off a little. It's natural, and it's easy to go one way or the other. But if you're in the mood for a brighter, non-traditional route, then try floral crib sheets that stray away from those colors and embrace the yellows, greens, and purples. These are all great colors to incorporate into your nursery, and there are many flowers that look great displayed just so. Take the yellow floral crib sheet below: it incorporates the pink, but in darker hues that really contrast nicely against the sunny yellow color. And the mix of greens truly add the right touch. The flowers are also different from the traditional floral prints you find everywhere, allowing you to be original and stand out from the crowd! Isn't it perfect?

Bright Floral Crib SheetsYellow Floral Crib Sheet from Lou Lou & Company

What do you suggest for new moms wanting to try out the floral crib sheets trend? Jump right in or take it slow? Let us know below!    

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