3 Mint Crib Bedding Sets Perfect for a Modern Boy's Nursery

Here in the 21st century, we've advanced quite a bit and moved a good distance away from how things were 50 years ago. Even looking back 10 years, there are things that kids in this generation wouldn't recognize! But while some things change quickly others stay reassuringly the same. Blue is still the "traditional" color for boys, just as pink is the "traditional" color for girls. But increasingly mom's are putting a new, modern twist on the traditional colors, like adding mint crib bedding sets to their baby boys' nurseries! Things definitely aren't so pink and blue anymore! If you'd like to follow in these stylish moms' footsteps, check out the following three mint crib bedding sets that are perfect for a modern baby boy's nursery!

1. Mint & Navy Chevron Crib Bedding

Our Mint and Navy Chevron Crib Bedding follows the mint crib bedding trend while sticking with a more traditional navy and gray color scheme as well, just in case you were feeling a little unsure about the mint color. The cool patterns add just the right amount of movement for the room. Navy Chevron Mint Crib Bedding  

2. Eclectic Mint Baby Bedding

Afraid the mint crib bedding is too feminine for your masculine little boy? Don't worry! The mint crib bedding is only a small piece in a potentially very stylish, very put together nursery! Caden Lane's Eclectic Mint Baby Bedding is the perfect set to give your nursery just the hint of greatness that you've been looking for (without straying too far from the traditional blue). The bright splash of color adds a freshness to the room where other colors fail to do. And you can add other accessories in shades you feel more comfortable in, like matching black and white triangle pillows! Take advantage of this cool mint crib bedding and use it as a building block to make your perfect nursery! Eclectic Mint Crib bedding  

3. Navy & Mint Arrow Baby Bedding

If you'd like to try out a subtler version of the mint crib bedding, take a look at this Navy and Mint Arrow Baby Bedding from Caden Lane! It has the perfect blend of grays, navy blue, and mint, plus the arrow pattern gives it the perfect print to help inspire to the rest of your stylish nursery design! Navy Arrow Mint Crib Bedding Which mint crib bedding sets are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!    

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