Paint Color Cards - Why you should pick your bedding before painting the nursery

Painting the Nursery: 3 Reasons to Choose Your Crib Bedding First

When decorating any room in your house one of the first things that you tend to check off your to-do list is painting the walls.  It makes sense, you don’t want to get a bunch of furniture and other knick-knacks in the room and then have to shuffle them around as you try and get to each wall, or alternatively leave the rest of your house in disarray.  But, many times the inspiration for the nursery is either a piece of artwork or a specific fabric and there’s no worse feeling than falling in love with the perfect nursery bedding only to find it clashes with the color you just painted the walls.

So, here are three reasons to work a little backward & choose your crib bedding before painting the nursery – (even if you don’t have it physically in hand when you do paint):

1. Paint comes in thousands of colors

Imagine this, after scouring Pinterest for hours upon hours you finally decide that you want a coral and gold nursery & then you go and choose a soft pinky-coral paint that you love and will be just perfect for the walls, but then you come across the perfect coral and gold baby bedding, after the fact, and find out when it arrives that it’s more of a peachy-coral – the effect of the walls just isn’t all that you were hoping for.  Which brings us to the first and main reason you should choose your crib bedding before even starting to think about paint colors:  paint comes in thousands of colors.

Sherwin Williams Coral Paint Colors for the Nursery

A sample of paint colors called "coral" from Sherwin Williams

The number of shades and tones for paint is just utterly astounding – and overwhelming, I know. Textiles like bedding though are a bit more limited in what you can find, unless you’re an amazing seamstress and can find and piece together exactly what you’re looking for – and even then it may not be exactly what you envisioned color-wise.  When choosing the “right” paint color for your nursery, you can help narrow down your focus on paint colors if you choose your crib bedding beforehand.

Some people want everything to match perfectly, while others are okay if it just “looks good together”. If you fall into that first category, (type A’s unite!) then it will definitely help to have that fabric in hand when choosing the paint color. And with today’s color matching technology, a sample swatch of fabric may even be enough for your local paint store to create an exact match and pull out a specific color in the bedding.

 2. Nursery Inspiration (& Paint Colors) Can Change

Let’s face it, you’re pregnant. And pregnant decisions aren’t always the most sound of decisions. To combat this we recommend creating an inspiration board so you can see what you’re wanting in the nursery and make sure that it’s what you really want. If you see it every day and still love it, you’re more than likely going to be happy with it. I know you’re thinking, “do I really want to spend the time printing out pictures and making an inspiration board?”, but trust me, when you see things next to each other it makes it so much easier in your brain (see our example below featuring our Charlie's Navy Floral Crib Bedding) – and with modern technology, you can do this digitally with a Pinterest board (just be sure to look at it often). So if you do this you’ll have a much better idea of what color would really look good on the nursery walls. Including your bedding on this board is important. You’ll want to make sure it coordinates in a way that you like. Plus the board might even inspire an amazing accent wall that helps pull the room together, rather than just standing out on its own.

Nursery Inspiration Board Example

I love the idea of pulling the lightest shade of coral or aqua out of this inspiration board for the walls with white accents. 

3.You Don’t Want to Have to Re-paint if it’s Not the Look You Are Expecting

Many things have an effect on the color of paint in a room including sunlight and the colors they’re placed next to. This goes back to your inspiration board and seeing things next to each other, but that’s only half the battle, the other half is to be flexible enough to know that you may have to arrange and re-arrange things a couple of times until it looks right. Walls will look different at different times of day based on how much light the room is getting, once you choose your paint color, make sure to take a look in the room at different times of day to see what colors are drawn out. And if you’re following our advice and purchasing the baby bedding before painting you can leave it in the room to look at during different times of day and see which colors pop out the most or fade away. You may want to choose a color that fades away as the wall color to help bring it out. Alternatively, these nurseries picked paint colors that coordinate well with their crib bedding, and they look gorgeous!

Nurseries painted to match the crib bedding

Evie's Rustic Glam Nursery via Project Nursery | Harlow's Blush Nursery

Did you paint your nursery before putting the rest of the room together? Or did you paint once you had a few items in hand? Let us know in the comments below. And for more inspiration on how to decorate your nursery check out our blog post about decorating a nursery as a first-time mom.

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