5 Nursery Essentials We Can't Live Without

Unsure about what to fill your nursery with? Don't stress! We have just what you're looking for... the top 5 nursery essentials any new mom can't live without!

1. A Crib Skirt

Crib skirts are both functional and stylish, adding a bit of flair to your nursery while secretly acting as a way to store items without anyone knowing! They run along the lower portion of the crib and like a bed skirt on a bed, come in all different colors and designs to fit your personal style and the scheme of the nursery. While cribs (and your nursery) can still look adorable without the crib skirt, it becomes essential for moms looking for that extra pop to set their nursery apart. And they are also great for storing away all the extra baby necessities you will accumulate. Whichever you decide, crib skirts are definitely one of our 5 nursery essentials.

Crib skirts are the perfect nursery necessityCaden Lane Crib Skirts

2. Changing Pad Covers

Another one of the 5 nursery essentials all new moms need are changing pad covers. Make sure to stock up on these because they are the most in danger of getting dirty outside of the onsies and other clothing items! The great part about changing pad covers is you can mix and match patterns and colors with your nursery scheme. More importantly, the more changing pad covers you have, the less loads of laundry you'll have to do. And what new mom wants to waste time doing laundry when she can be spending it with her new baby?

One of the top 5 nursery essentialsVia Rustic Baby Chic

3. The Baby Blanket

This is one essential you can never have too many of! Blankets are a staple item for any new mom for many reasons, one being you will probably be gifted plenty from family and friends. The hospital will probably send a couple of swaddled blankets home with you and the baby too, so you'll most likely be set. The best part about blankets is that you'll have so many that none of them will have to match! Of course, some of them will coordinate with others and/or your nursery, but that's the point. You can have a blanket for every occasion, whether you're going to the mall, the park, a birthday party, church, whatever it may be!

Must have baby item - Baby BlanketsCaden Lane Baby Blankets

4. Curtains

The curtains in your nursery can make or break your space. Depending on the length, color, and thickness, they can change the size of the room, the brightness of the room, and can change the atmosphere in the room. But don't panic! Curtains are one of the 5 nursery essentials for this exact reason. You want your baby to get a good nights' sleep because essentially that affects how well your night goes as a new mom. The light in the room should be even, and the colors should complement your nursery design. If you're worried about your windows being too small, there's an easy fix for that! Your curtains can extend past the actual width of the windows, giving your room a larger feel. Viola! Problem averted.

Curtains in the nurseryVia homedit

5. A Soft Rug

One nursery essential that acts as a focal piece every new mom needs in her nursery; a soft rug. Not only will it be a great place for your baby to start practicing "tummy time" on, but it will be supportive for you when you're having to come in every and all hours of the night to check on/feed your sweet new baby. You may not notice in your half asleep state, but your feet will thank you when you're standing there rocking your baby back to sleep or standing at the changing table cleaning up the more recent mess. It's a great stylish piece that will make your nursery stand out from the other moms' nurseries and it's physically more comfortable treading on plush fabric. It's a no brainer! Check out these below!

A soft rug is one of our 5 essentials for your nursery! Via Overstock.com

So that's our 5 nursery essentials we can't live without. What are yours? Is there something you just couldn't decorate without? Let us know in the comments below!

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