Gold Nursery Accents that Will Complete Any Metallic Inspired Nursery

5 Stunning Ways to Incorporate Gold Nursery Accents

Many moms, whether they are expecting, new or seasoned, say, "I want an elegant and sleek nursery, but I have no idea how to make that happen." Worry not--we're here to help, and our advice is to start by incorporating gold nursery accents.

1. Gold Crib

Gold Cribs make a great metallic accent in a baby girl's Gold Nursery

Gold Sided Crib | Full Gold Crib

We adore the pop of metallic of a gold crib, but if that's too much for your taste you can always tone it down a bit by spray-painting the sides of your crib gold like this mom did with a spindle crib. You can also see that she opted for many other gorgeous gold items such as angel wings, a gold-colored ottoman and a coral and gold baby blanket.

2. Mirrors

Whether you end up choosing one mirror, a few or a lot, gold goes a long way. For example, Jenna Bush Hager hung a gold-framed mirror above her daughter's changing table. Gold mirrors come in many shapes, sizes, and designs, so you can go for an antique look, a modern look or even a princess-y look. The sky's the limit.

3. Gold Crib Bedding

Gold Crib Bedding - one our our favorite ways to incorporate gold in the nursery

Blush & Gold Dot | Purple & Gold Sparkle | Charming Unicorns

Take a look at these charming ideas for gold crib bedding. For instance, a coral and gold blanket such as the one mentioned above just might be your nursery's crowning jewel. On the other hand, you may prefer the air of whimsy that unicorns provide.

Crib skirts are another way to accentuate with gold, whether or not the rest of the bedding has gold. Some options include a gold-sparkle ruffle crib skirt and a champagne shimmer metallic crib skirt. These skirts are relatively neutral, so instead of limiting your design choices, they expand what you can do with the nursery.

4. Gold Name

Personalized Gold Wall Decor for the Nursery

Large Wood Monogram | Large Wood Name Sign | Personalized Gold Vinyl Decal

One popular trend is to put the baby's name on the wall behind the crib. Why not do it in gold? With us, you can get names or initial monograms custom made in wood and then paint them to look gold. You can also get a fun gold vinyl decal that you can put on a sign as seen above or on the wall itself!

5. Artistic Flourishes

Chances are that you have experience with a buck's head or two on the wall somewhere in the house. Maybe you've even put one up yourself! Doing something similar in the baby's nursery can help it stand apart and make a statement. There are plenty of gold combinations to play with such as black with gold antlers, and lavender with gold antlers, a favorite of many of us.

Other ideas for artistic flourishes include gold picture frames, wall stickers and even an imposing gold-toned stuffed animal such as a giraffe.

We hope that we've helped on your path to a sleek-looking nursery. If gold isn't your preference, accents such as silver accomplish much the same thing.

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