A blue wall makes all the difference...

Funny how the way a product is photographed can make ALL the difference in the world! We knew the second we looked through the camera at the Finley Bedding against that turquoise/blue wall, with the beautiful white tree, rhinestone bling, and soft pink flowers it would be a HIT! Little did we know that it would steal the thunder from it's sister set, the Londyn. :-) For 7 years now, our box bumper style sets have outsold the knife edge sets. Some think the bumpers look thicker (they are in fact the same)... but it's the double row of piping that's so appealing in nursery decor, and all of our box bumpers have a print inside the bumper! As opposed to the knife edge ones, which have a solid color minky. But here we are! The Finley is selling like crazy, knife edge and all. And personally, I would have picked the Londyn. So what do you think? Does it make a difference? Here's both sets photographed with the white tree wall.

  I also love the zebra print on the sheet! You can't see it in the pictures, but the hot pink zebra is actually outlined in turquoise! Funky & Fabulous! Curious about what the fabrics look like in person? Remember, you can always purchase a swatch set (which includes all the printed fabrics in each collection) for $5 on our website. CLICK HERE! So now is the true test, which is ACTUALLY the best seller... let's see what happens. I'll keep you posted. :-) Oh, and in case your wondering how the Londyn was photographed the first time around... here you go. Still fabulous.


  • Kimberly

    Where is the white tree from!?

  • Julie

    Does someone know that name of the blue paint used and brand? Please email me at julief@gene.com


  • Cynthia

    Well, you know how I feel about the Finley. It inspired my madness to spend a day earning points for your amazing contest. However, when it came down to choosing between the two, it was the skirt that went with the Finley that did it for me. I knew that I loved the flower print from the Boutique collection more than anything I had seen in baby bedding, so that was priority one. Then again, I also loved the zebra crib sheet so I ordered an extra sheet in zebra so I could go back and forth. I never get tired of looking at it! It will be interesting to see what happens though when you show both against that gorgeous wall!

  • ashley

    i am also interested in the color of the paint and where to get the white tree my email is ashleyhalle2000@yahoo.com thanks for any help! I painted my walls pink and it just doesn’t go well :(

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