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Okay, before you read this... I have to warn you. I have found the mom-of-all-mom's. Her adorably picture perfect children, equisitely decorated home, perfect children's names (Nash & Quinn).... and.... gulp.... themed children's lunch boxes.... well, just bust out the bottle of wine now, b/c your mom guilt is about to set in. I don't know this family personally, but I'm sure we'd be best of friends. (Brittney if you're reading this, I'm Katy. And we should definitely be friends.) :-) How did I find her you ask? Well, one of the girls at work forwarded me her blog so that I could check out her kiddo's rooms - apparently her son's new nursery coordinates perfectly with our new Boutique Bedding! Am I'm glad she did, b/c I think I have a new idea for Cade's room. I'll expand more on the new idea below, but first I have to show you these pictures of "perfect mom's" children's lunch boxes. DISCLAIMER:I can never show my children this b/c their's will never be this cool. Unless lunchables starts cutting their turkey circles into dancing bears.... then, and only then, do my kids future school lunches have any chance. First Soccer Game and More 035 Sept 14-16 069 Pretty amazing huh? Okay, so on to why I'm really blogging today. LETTERS. I think I need to start a collection of letters. My new BFF Brittney has the most adorable collection of letter's for her son's rooms - and not only are they perfect for the nursery! They are pretty stinkin' adorable in the big boy room too! And then how cool... in 15 years... they can take their letters to college with them! SCORE! The decor that keeps on giving. But you have to do it right! No cheesey letters. Think outside the nursery letter decor... Here's a pic from her youngest son Nash's room.. More Swim Lessons, Daddy's 33rd, Nash's Room, and More 050 And Big Bro Quinn's letters... Quinn's Big Boy Room 005 Are you hooked? Make sure you check out the rest of her pictures... these little boy's rooms are adorable! Okay - so on to us duplicating her fabulous taste. Here's a few letter options I found during a quick shopping spree at my favorite craft store, Hobby Lobby. And who doesn't love a 50% off SALE?!? A little spray paint here, some decoupage there... maybe a little BLING on the girl's letters? The possibilities are endless! And a few more creative options??? Well... these super-cool wire letters from www.UrbanOutfitters.comare only $10 each! (They are sold out of A's and C's in some of them, grrrrr....) These marquee letters are HUGE and you can put any color light bulb inside them! Coolness comes with a price tag, $178 each. Also at www.UrbanOutfitters.com Good ole' www.etsy.com , has TONS of options! Like these swanky vintage letters only $15 each!
Marquee Letter R Vintage  Alphabet Sign Initial Shabby Metal Paint
This company will make CUSTOM wooden letters! Hand painted, with the color you pick! $25 each
Looking for fabric covered wall letters? Found them!
Fabric Wrapped Wire Capital Letter M Initial
Pretty addicting, right? I bet you start shopping for your kiddo's letters right now. :-) And don't be discouraged if you find a really cool letter, but it's the wrong color! There's nothing a good can of spray paint can't fix!
Happy letter hunting!


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    Nice use of different fonts and sytle VERY CREATIVE!- furniture ocala

  • Melanie

    Wow, those lunch boxes were RIDICULOUS! Who has the time & patience for that? I thought I was doing good with just cutting different shape sandwiches. And do her kids really eat all of that food?! Bella would eat about half of that.

  • Michelle Cutean Ramirez

    Hey Katy,

    I too was on a hunt for letters to decorate my kids playroom and after getting really impatient, I finally found this website. http://bouncingoffthewalls.ca/category_24/Unpainted-Wall-Letters.htm

    I got the Alphabet City unfinished wall letters and I painted them all really fun colors and the finished product looked awesome in the playroom. They offer the “collectors” look without all of the fuss. They were really reasonable as well so I thought I would share.

    Take Care,

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