A few of our favorite nursery shots...

One of our favorite things to do inside our store is set up new vignettes showcasing our favorite matching accessories and wall decor to coordinate with our bedding. Next week we will be re-painting two of them to get ready for the arrival of our brand new Ikat Collection, so we shot a few pictures to show off some of our favorite bedding sets. If you see anything you love in the picture, email us or check out www.nurserycouture.com for order information! This is the Ashlyn 4 Piece Crib Set from our Luxe Collection: We love the new coordinating wall art too! The Carey 4 Piece Bedding Set is a great gender neutral set! You could add more turquoise for a girl, and more blue for a boy! The accessories in this collection are just as bold and beautiful!


  • Paige Geggie

    I love this “Plum Crazy” bedding, but I don’t know baby gender yet! I also love the coral and gray unisex bedding! A comment for extra entries for the project nursery giveaway! In love with this site now! <3

  • Jessica

    I love the Carey collection and the “Cameron” name posted in the blog, any ideas on how they did this; is it available through Caden Lane (didn’t see it in the store). Thanks!

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