A muppet masterpiece. Reclaimed Wool Handmade Puppets.

I often get asked how I started Caden Lane. Where did I get the idea? How did I market the product? Did I sew the original samples myself? Let me make this perfectly clear: I CAN NOT SEW. We're talking not even a button to a shirt kind of no-sew talent. If it had been up to me to produce the first diaper bag or bedding sample - the entire thing would have been hot-glued. Thank GOD for talented seamstresses who could take my hand-drawing of perfection and bring it to life.  And in case you are wondering - everything can be fixed with hot-glue. (And cleaned with windex.) So, speaking of talented people that can SEW...check out this adorable line of hand puppets by Cate and Levi. I just received their catalog in the mail for Nursery Couture, and couldn't resist their adorable puppets! They are handmade in Canada, with reclaimed wool.... so even this cute puppet puppy leaves the smallest "pawprint" possible on our planet! Dog These puppets even give the muppets a real run for their money! So what do you think? Is this a winner? Should we bring them into the store? Surely at only $28 each it would be a cute addition to any shower gift, right?

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