Advantages to Boutique Baby Bedding: What's in it for you?

Ever get stuck wondering what type of bedding set you are going to deck out your little one's crib with? I mean- come on! Your sweet little baby's crib will be with him or her for at least two years, so it can be quite stressful in trying to decide on THE crib set. I'm sure you have all sat on the internet scrolling through what is trending, how much you should spend, how original you should be, and in the end- will you LOVE it? Which brings us to this particular post- what are the ADVANTAGES to buying boutique baby bedding? For starters, boutique baby bedding is designed to be one-of-a-kind. With boutique crib sets, designers are constantly trying to keep away from the typical character-themed designs and are constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to welcome your bundle of joy home. Caden Lane is a designer line of boutique baby bedding and accessories that only has the most hip and trending fads in the industry. Where else are you going to find an adorable crib set like our Vintage Floral Crib Bedding? The lace in the crib skirt is so sweet and feminine, and I am absolutely CRAZY over the beautiful, hot pink roses combined with the perfect shade of gray to create a soft, vintage-inspired feel. Speaking of one-of-a-kind, did I mention that Caden Lane has in-house monogramming? Customize your bundle of joy's baby blanket or bumpers and truly make it their own. Vintage_Floral_on_white_gray_polkas__48597_1407684371_1280_1280 Boutique baby bedding is priced for everyone! We are all on a budget- especially with a new baby on the way. The words "boutique" and "designer" might cause any financial savvy mom to clinch their wallets. Caden Lane has a HUGE selection of accessories and crib bedding fit for EVERY spender. Our baby bedding is luxurious indeed- 100% cotton made with love by only the finest people here in the USA. How GORGEOUS is this Aqua Leopard Boutique Baby Bedding?! Leopard is always high in demand, and with that adorable cascading crib skirt, what's not to love?! Aqua_Leopard_on_aqua_BRIGHT__30750_1407686705_1280_1280 If you're still not convinced that boutique baby bedding and crib sets is the choice you should make, don't fret! We are here to help. Which brings me to my last and final point- purchasing baby bedding through a boutique will be the most enjoyable experience you could possibly have in creating your dream nursery. Where else can you get swatch kits to match your nursery décor? Odds are in department stores you'll get a mass-produced bed in a bag that includes a few wall items and occasionally a valance for one window. Where's the love in that? If you truly want a one-stop shop where you're able to compare and create the ultimate nursery, our team will be more than happy to assist you. With endless options and possibilities, let boutique baby bedding be the choice you make when it comes to your nursery! Happy hunting! Coral_Sparkle__98816_1407686908_1280_1280  

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