dark floral nursery with statement peony wall

Ale's Sweet Navy Floral Nursery

I know nursery design isn’t supposed to be seasonal, but there’s just something about the colors in this room that make me want to put on my most comfy PJs, grab a hot chocolate, and snuggle up with a squishy newborn. The perfect shade of lilac and pink, a super soft plush ivory rug, rose gold accents, and those oh-so-gorgeous large peony vinyl decals all work together in one of the prettiest dark floral nurseries I’ve seen in a while. We’ve been talking about navy in the nursery all year, and have seen a huge shift in the hue in girl's room designs. And we aren’t talking plain-jane, masculine simple blue girl baby rooms. These are over the top, feminine, luxurious and sweet room designs that will have you thinking blue was meant for girls all along.

So let’s talk about how this room all started. It’s actually the nursery of my newest niece, and being the 2nd girl to join their family the mom wanted to design a room that was completely different from her bright pink and turquoise room for the big sister. She loved the idea of using lilac and navy, and when we combined those colors with the rose gold accents – we knew we had something special.

Pink Peony Decals on Dark Navy Wall in a Lilac & Navy Floral Baby Girl's Nursery

I’ve always loved when pieces can be re-used, and the crib and glider in this nursery are actually from big sister’s room! The white iron crib is a classic, and really could have worked with anything, but we needed a way to incorporate the gray glider and still keep it neutral in the room. When we picked the Rory's Navy Blue & Lilac Crib Bedding collection, we knew it would be perfect with its vintage style floral print in pinks, blues, lilacs, and GRAY! It tied in all the colors in the room and set the tone for the rest of the nursery.

Rory's Purple & Navy Floral Crib Bedding Collection that Inspired the Nursery Design

Rory's Navy Blue & Lilac Floral Crib Bedding Collection by Caden Lane

Design Tip: Always start with the textiles – it may sound simple, but the color palette can usually be found in the bedding! It’s a great way to begin the nursery design process and is such a big design aspect for the entire look of the room.

 Dark Floral Nursery Changing Station on light pink wall

Yes, I know, we are obsessed with round mirrors in the nursery right now. But, when we found the ROSE GOLD round mirror over this changer, it was love at first sight! If a metallic tone can match a paint color we nailed it, cause baby, rose gold never looked so good with navy and blush.

A huge, solid navy wall is so blah. So… how do you fix that? You add a garden of gorgeous vinyl stickers to it – cascading down from the top right corner. We had considered wallpaper at first, but let’s be real – that’s a real pain in the booty to install, and quite honestly, I loved the whimsical feel of the randomly placed flowers! They were so easy to install and even better – they are removable if we ever want to change up the design.

Dark Navy Floral Nursery Window Nook

I LOVE those curtain panels. This nursery had the coolest little reading nook and window, but it was pushed back in a little cutout along the back wall. We didn’t want to put curtains in there and risk making the wall look short, so we decided to bring out the curtain rod and hang long 104” panels (from Overstock.com) to really add a little height to the room. I love how the furry bench is tucked behind them, it just looks like the perfect play nook for years to come. And, the long solid navy panels help draw your eye across the room balancing out the focal wall and adding just an extra dark punch of navy to the room design.

Design Tip: Add texture! Furry rugs and pillows are a designer's best friend! Look for accent pillows in chunky knits or rugs with a lot of texture or movement. They soften the “feel” of the room design and add a soft play place for baby.

Are you looking for similar nursery inspiration? Let our baby girl crib bedding collections be your inspiration! Browse them all here.


  • Melissa

    Beautiful! Where did you get the vinyl wall stickers? The link doesn’t work.

  • Alycia

    Where can I get the vinyl wall stickers the link no longer works

  • Holly Strickland

    What is the pink paint color used?

  • Caden Lane

    Hi Kylee, the glider is a Little Castle glider that was purchased from our sister store Nursery Couture, although I’m not sure what model it is.

  • Kylee

    I love this nursery! Where is the Chair/Glider from or what brand is it?

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