Aqua Baby Bedding: Baby Girl, Baby Boy & Gender Neutral

Aqua has been one of the most popular colors of the season and for good reason -- Aqua in the nursery is perfect for a baby boy or a baby girl. It's not quite blue, it's not quite mint or green --it's just right. If you're over the traditional light blue for baby boy bedding or pink for baby girl bedding then Aqua baby bedding is the way to go!   One of the best parts of using Aqua Baby Bedding in your nursery is that it's a color that already has so many hues in it, making it easy to mix and match different shades. Is it blue? Is it turquoise? Is it green?  It's a combination of all of those colors! This is why I love Aqua--it's open to what you want it to be! When decorating your nursery with Aqua, don't just stick to one shade. Instead, give your nursery variety and depth by decorating with multiple shades of Aqua that all coordinate together! Aqua Baby Bedding  

Aqua Girl Baby Bedding

For Girly Aqua Baby bedding we have our Aqua Gradient Ruffle Skirt paired with our Gold Dot Crib Sheet. This bedding set is whimsical yet doesn't have too much going on. The Aqua ombre allows for easy matching with three shades of bright aqua--too cute!     girl aqua baby bedding  

Aqua Boy Baby Bedding

  Aqua Mod Mix is our boy option for aqua baby bedding. Orange, navy, and white compliment the bright aqua color for an exciting twist on the regular blues for your little man's room.   aqua baby boy crib set

Gender Neutral Aqua Baby Bedding

We also have a more subtle aqua crib set that is great for a gender neutral nursery. We call it Aqua and Gray Mod Lattice. The soft gray paired with the cool aqua hue is a perfectly for a modern and calming nursery. aqua mod lattice   What type of Aqua is your favorite? If you know you want your baby's nursery to have aqua baby bedding but don't know where to start, comment below and we'll share our best nursery decor tips and advice for decorating with this fun color!  

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