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The sound of the storage unit door opening. I gracefully climb onto the large wood crates laying on their sides. Ellyse and Amy have on their best "market packing" attire on (as do I). The sweat begins to appear. It's that time again. Market season. Last week we packed up two huge crates (in 100 TEXAS weather), and piled all of our walls, flooring, and displays onto wood palates. Oh the joys of owning a small business - manual labor. Just days before we wrapped our 3 day long photo shoot of our newest Boutique Collection, we gathered the last bit of products we hadn't already counted. One of everythingdoesn't seem complicated until you realize you have hundreds of items. It took us almost all day, but by the end, everything was meticulously placed in anticipation of us opening the doors at market and everything exploding back on us. (More to come on the joys of setting up at market - AND I'm taking a video camera with me!) Here's our crazy summer/fall market schedule - and yes, I'll be at all of them! July 14-18 Atlanta Gift Market. I love this market. The southern charm. The monograms, ohhhhh, the monograms. Our buyers at this market are so southernly sweet, that it makes up for the monogramed bag, that matches the monogramed flip-flops, and the monogramed keychain. Course, they are looking for items that can BE monogramed... and in case we didn't catch it... the store is called "My Monogram Shop". :-) Good thing we've got TONS of monogramed items displayed! And to be honest, they do look pretty darn cute monogramed. What a nice, PERSONALIZED, gift! :-)

  August 14-18 - New York International Gift Fair. HELLO NEW YORK! What more can you say? I'm not sure if I'm more excited about re-visiting this show (we took a small break last year) OR about shopping all the fabulous furniture and home decor companies that will be there! I'm always on the lookout for new things for the store , and of course, the NEW house we are building! :-) September... October 10-13th - Vegas, baby. You think that saying came about because of this show? Ha! It should! In fact, it's too bad the ABC Kids Expo didn't make that their slogan. How appropriate, especially when they are the MAC DADDY of all baby shows. Furniture. Strollers. Bedding. Decor. Wall Art. Car Seats. And hang-your-children-on-the-back-of-bathroom-stall-doors stuff. The show has always been in September, but for the sanity of all of us manufacturers, and for the wallets of all our stores... they are pushing it to October this year. Thank you ABC Kids Expo! Hope to see everyone there!

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