Baby Girl Nursery Bedding: Most Popular Colors

We love predicting the most popular colors for baby girl nursery bedding, and we think we are pretty good at it too! Here's some of our favorite nursery color themes that we see holding strong for 2014. Pink and Blue Baby Bedding has held strong for several years. There's just something sweet about this shade of blue in a little girls nursery. Baby Girl Nursery Bedding We also love our Finley Crib Set with our exclusive rose dot print, zebra sheets, and rose lattice print. Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Pink and Gray Baby Bedding has definitely taken the place of the popular pink and brown color combination for baby girl nursery bedding. Gray is such a neutral color, and can be used well beyond the infant years. Baby Girl Nursery Bedding Purple Baby Bedding seems to be increasing in popularity! And our beautiful leopard crib set with the purple ruffle crib skirt offers different shades of the trendy hue. Baby Girl Nursery Bedding What colors do you think will be most popular for baby girl nursery bedding in 2014?

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