Baby Nursery Bedding: The Best Design Styles

Deciding upon a single design style for the nursery can be frustrating with the plethora of cute baby nursery bedding and decor options on the market. But not to worry, we are here to help you narrow it down and choose the perfect design style for your baby's room. The top 4 nursery design themes we selected are luxe, retro modern, transitional, and contemporary. Boy, girl, or gender neutral -- these decorating styles can fit your needs. The luxe nursery is all about simplicity, cohesiveness, and basic colors. A stunning Caden Lane baby nursery bedding option would be our Vintage Taupe Vine crib set. Its soft, simple, and luxurious. baby nursery beddingAn example of a beautiful luxe nursery is Tia Mowry's son's room. The dark mahogany furniture contrasts the soft colors through out the room to create a stunning sanctuary for mommy and baby's special bonding moments. baby nursery bedding The retro modern nursery is for a funky and playful little guy or gal. The nursery below incorporates fun, retro prints, an eclectic mix of colors and modern furniture, which are all needed to pull off this challenging design style. If you don't want a traditional or classic nursery then this theme is ideal for you. baby nursery beddingCaden Lane's Pink Peacock baby bedding set is the perfect match for a retro modern nursery. We also carry a Blue Peacock baby bedding set if you are designing for a little guy. baby nursery bedding The transitional nursery creates a serene and soothing ambiance with the marriage of traditional and contemporary furniture. Ultimately, your nursery will have a classic design style and it's almost certain that your baby's room will become your favorite in the house. baby nursery beddingThe Yellow and Gray Mod baby nursery bedding is a chic choice perfect for a transitional gender neutral baby room. baby nursery bedding Our fourth pick for best nursery design style is contemporary. A contemporary nursery would include clean, straight lines and crisp, minimalist furniture. I personally am a big fan of this design style because I love a fresh, polished look with architectural furniture. baby nursery beddingCaden Lane's contemporary style crib bedding is fun and trendy but still sharp and sophisticated. Our arrow baby bedding is a popular choice for many expecting parents. baby nursery bedding

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