Bath Time Baby Accessories

Bath Time Fun!!

At Nursery Couture we have tons of bath gifts to choose from; Infant Hooded Towels, Toddler Hooded Towels  and Rubber Ducky Toys! Pinks, Blues, Greens, Reds, you name it we have it!

If you ask any mommy or  grandma Bath Time is one of the most memorable moments.  Make the most of Bath Time with bath toys and hooded towels. You can always call us at Nursery Couture (210-494-2627)  to have your Hooded Towel Monogrammed! You will always remember the precious pictures of your little baby wrapped in a hooded towel. How cute are the animal ones??

Wrap your little one up in a warm Hooded Towel to make those memories one of a kind!



  • Diane

    How can you not like the cute hooded towels

  • Furniture Ocala

    How can you not love those accessories especially the Hooded Towel – furniture ocala

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