Big Boy Bedding: It's All About Stripes

The time has come to upgrade your little guy's nursery to a big boy room. First order of business is switching out that crib and revamping the room with cool big boy bedding. Now allow me to let you in on a little secret... when it comes to a boys big kid bedroom it is all about stripes! Yes, that is right, diagonal stripes, vertical stripes, horizontal stripes, you can have it any way you like it and you are sure to have a happy little guy on your hands. Want to know another secret? Caden Lane offers the coolest designer big boy bedding available! We carry a handful of boutique big kid bedding sets, but I must say our stripe sets are some of my favorite. Don't forget to coordinate the pillow shams and accent pillow too! Before we get into the good stuff, I would like to note that all our bedding is custom designed by our fabulous team here at Caden Lane. Perhaps, you are in need of big girl bedding too, well look no further we have you covered! This first striped, big boy bedding set is probably my favorite out of the group. The green and blue shades make this bedding bright and classic while the vertical stripes and circle printed pillow sham keep it playful and unique. Classic Bluebig boy bedding This next bedding set is a modern take on a classic print. The color palette is simple and refined allowing for easy decorating. My favorite part about this big boy bedding is the damask printed pillow and the swirl fabric. It's the perfect print for a luxe inspired nursery. Luxe Blue Duvet big boy bedding The last designer big kid bedding I will share, but certainly not the last of our selection at Caden Lane, is a red version of our Classic Blue Duvet. I like this color palette as well because of it's vintage vibe. Classic Red Duvet big boy bedding

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