Black & White Nursery Design Inspiration

Black & White Nursery Inspiration | Be Bold and Get Inspired

Who says your nursery has to be full of colors or pastels? Often, we associate pink for girls and blue for boys. Yes, we love that too; however, let’s put that aside for just a minute. Black and white nursery décor is trending like crazy and there are so many reasons why you should embrace it. It’s not only classic and timeless but, HELLO… it goes with just about anything.

Do you have a funky, colorful painting you’re wanting to hang in your babe’s nursery, but worried it will clash with other colors?

-Not if it’s going in a black and white nursery.

Are you wanting to incorporate a certain accent metal like gold or silver?

-Not a problem. It will look beautiful matched with a black and white color scheme.

|Add POPS of Color|

There’s just something about black and white with hints of color that can make a space so inviting. Whether it’s subtle color like these Gold Dot Vinyl Decal Stickers matched with our Black and White XOXO Bumperless Crib Bedding…OR…. adding some neon colors like our MaKenna’s Modern Neon crib sheets, rail cover, and/or blanket matched with our Black and White Stripe Gathered Crib Skirt. Your eyes are instantly drawn to the mixture of colors without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed. Also; holy neon pompom garland! I mean, seriously, so cute!

 Black & White Crib Bedding for a Black & White Nursery

Black and White XOXO Bumperless Crib Bedding | MaKenna's Modern Black and White Bumperless Crib Set

|It’s Neutral Baby|

Designing a neutral nursery space for a surprise gender baby can be challenging. Put those worries to rest! Creating a space with various geometric shapes like stripes, triangles, or stars in black and white is the perfect solution. After your sweet angel baby is born, you can incorporate a little complimentary color to make the space more feminine or masculine through pillows, wall décor, accent lighting, window treatments, etc. We love Baby Crew’s Love You Dearly Nursery with primarily black and white designs mixed with natural wood accents. This is perfect for a touch of masculinity!

 Neutral Black & White Nurseries made boyish & girly Baby Crew’s Love You Dearly Nursery | Black and White Stripes with Touch of Pink

|Fun Fact: Black and White Design is Multi-Purpose|

 Multifunctional Aspects of a Black & White Nursery

Lion Play Mat | Stars and Stripes Nursery

Did you know that black and white designs are good for baby’s eye AND brain development? Your little one finds it easier to look at high contrast shapes in black and white for the first few months of age. So we’re saying this black and white thing is multi-purpose? Yes…yes we are! Don’t be afraid to add fun geometric shapes on the wall or incorporate black and white pillows, plush toys, or our oh so sweet lion play mat somewhere in the nursery.

Get inspired mama! How do you black and white? Let us know in the comments below.

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