Blushing for this Blush Rose Nursery Design

Blushing for this Blush Rose Nursery Design

Raise your hand if you considered a ridiculously pink super sweet nursery for your baby girl. Yup, we all did. But your dreams of a light and airy nursery can quickly turn into pink OVERLOAD. And, let's just talk about all the bazillion shades of pink. There's light pink, medium pink, peptobismol pink - dark pink, purply pink, and our current favorite blush pink. This ever-popular color for baby girl room design is constantly transforming, trending, and we love seeing all the ways it translates into the perfect baby girl nursery. We're excited to show you one of the cutest blush floral nursery designs we've seen - it's the perfect example of just enough pink, sweetness... and that FLORAL BACKDROP is going to have you drooling roses for your nursery.

Wallpaper has been trending big in the baby design world, and although it’s GORGEOUS - it’s expensive, and well, permanent…. and when you are trying to decorate a huge space above a little crib, it can be intimidating. 

Blush Rose Nursery Design for Baby Girl

Wait, we know what you’re thinking - “if only there was something we could hang over the crib that was large in scale, gave the effect of wallpaper, wasn’t expensive, AND could be personalized?!?!” Yup. We’ve got it. Introducing the nursery wall tapestry - now available in 2 sizes! BIG AND BIGGER! This huge blush floral wall tapestry can be hung with two simple nails and covers a huge wall space, making it a great nursery decor statement without breaking the bank!

Floral Nursery Wall Tapestry As A Wallpaper Alternative

Digital printables are a cost-effective and easy way to cover wall space. Plus, adding a cute saying like "Darling, follow your dreams, not your boyfriends" adds a whimsical and WISE approach at design and decorating! (Side note: I want this sign for my own office!) And we love that sweet floral garland. It ties in the floral theme of the nursery and breaks up the simple frame and digital print. It would be a fun DIY for you, or you can find a huge assortment of them already made on Etsy too!

Blush Nursery Wall Decor

Adding a rug to the nursery is ALWAYS a good idea. Why? Well, to be honest I don't have any really good reply to that except the fact that it's soft, and fluffy, and even if you have carpet... it just adds that extra texture to the room and seems to always complete the room design. 

Mommy advice: It's no secret that all new mommies love to match! (Baby doesn't care momma, we promise!) But we do! That's why we've made sure to include some of our favorite nursery basics in your favorite prints. This vintage style blush rose boppy cover almost makes us want another baby just so we can use it! (Almost.)

Blush Rose Floral Nursery Accessories

And don't forget to grab a few extra blush rose crib sheets! Our favorite little saying is there's always one dirty, one clean, and hopefully one waiting in the wings! 

Blush Watercolor Floral Crib Bedding in the Nursery

We love a personalized pillow in the glider! It's a perfect place to rest your arm during feedings and can add a feminine or masculine design to an otherwise gender-neutral glider or rocker. Mommy to mommy - always buy your rocker as neutral as possible! It's definitely one of those items you'll move from baby 1 to baby 2, and if you keep it really neutral in color too - it can eventually make it's way to other rooms in the house! How sweet is this floral wreath monogram pillow - and the back of the pillow has the large blush floral print on it too! Cute for the glider, crib, or big girl bed later on!

Personalized Pillow in the Nursery

This might just be one of our favorite sweet blush colored nursery designs we’ve seen in a while. It's blush and light pink soft floral design is sweet, feminine, and would easily grow with baby into her big girl room. If it's too much pink for your own dream nursery design, don't forget you can mix and match all of our floral baby bedding to add your own combination of color and style to your nursery!


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