Boho Chic Cactus Baby Girl's Nursery in Coral, Pink & Green

A Modern Boho Cactus Nursery

Bold, brave, and brilliant. That one piece of wall art sums up this entire boho cactus nursery perfectly! What happens when you combine bright colors, macrame curtains, an Indian print inspired rug, and a rattan hanging chair? Yup. A little girl's dream nursery design. We've seen the cactus trend hold strong, and so many of the nurseries are monochromatic or more simple - we wanted to give the southwestern trend a turn and add a fun punch of color to really make it POP, you know - give it that Caden Lane twist!

Adorable Bright Floral & Cactus Baby Girl Boho Nursery Design

When you're designing a room around a certain theme or style, it's very easy to go overboard. We loved how the personalized cactus tapestry pulled in the prickly accents without stealing all the attention in the room. Plus, it's a great way to cover a large wall, and add color without having to paint or wallpaper, and adds a personalized touch for Miss Ashlyn Sophia!

Boho Cactus Nursery for a Baby Girl with macrame curtains

Layer, layer, layer! We love the layered look - it's essential in any boho nursery. A smaller white fur accent rug helps break up the large pattern and bright colors of the rug, and the black tassel accents layered over those fringe-worthy macrame curtains bring your eyes up in the room and give the windows an unexpected accent over the top.

boho chic changing pad under large round mirror - baby girl's cactus nursery

More large mirrors, please. Our favorite 4' mirror that we used in our Modern Farmhouse Nursery makes another appearance in this boho chic nursery. From modern to bohemian, it easily transitions into the space, adding the perfect accent above the dresser, and gives mom and baby something to look at during those late night diaper changes.

Baby Girl Boho Nursery Design with Pink & Cactus accents

Think Boho, baby! Adding just a few bohemian inspired touches give it that boho feel. A few hanging plants, strategically placed succulents, and every little girl's dream - a hanging wicker chair in the corner. Perfect for storytime! Our Boho Chic Baby Bedding Collection complements it all with its bright colors, gradient coral ruffle crib skirt, turquoise, green, and pink watercolor floral accents.

 Baby Girl Cactus Nursery with Bright Floral Accents

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A Modern Boho Cactus Nursery for a Baby Girl


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