boho baby fringe swaddle blankets - brand new at Caden Lane

Brand New: Boho Fringe Baby Blankets

Who wants a super soft, lightweight blanket for their baby? Better yet, who wants a super soft, lightweight blanket that has amazing fringe and that they can swaddle their baby in? I do, that’s for sure. Introducing our brand new Fringe Swaddle Blankets! These blankets are absolutely amazing, great for any time of the year and right on trend! Let’s take a look at just how fun they are.

boho fringe baby receiving blankets great for newborn photos

First of all, we have to talk about this fringe! It makes these blankets and creates just the right boho look. Approximately 6 inches of crocheted fringe and tassels in a soft natural color give these blankets just the right bohemian vibe. And paired with a super soft rayon modal knit in solid colors they’re perfect for a baby boy or girl! Can you imagine how adorable your baby will be in the hospital all wrapped up in this luxurious fringe trimmed blanket? Which brings us to our next point, how many uses this blanket has.

 Lightweight Bohemian Fringe Blankets in 5 solid colors

This fun tassel blanket can be an adorable receiving blanket that’s perfect for all those first photos of your brand new baby in the hospital, it can be a great newborn photo “prop” to swaddle baby in, and it can just be a great blanket for snuggling. Who knows it might just turn into your child’s security blanket too! Pick your favorite of five colors: aqua blue, black, coral, navy, or pink, and use it for anything you see fit!

pink or navy blue fringe tassel baby blankets for a bohemian vibe

This blanket is lightweight, and wrinkle resistant – so it’s perfect to toss in your bag and take on the go for whenever you might need it. Plus, another fun bonus use for all that fringe is to tickle your baby or loved ones, making for tons of playtime fun.

What’s your favorite part about our brand new boho fringe baby blankets? Let us know in the comments below! And shop them all here.

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