Bumperless Crib Bedding

Ok, let's be real. We all slept on our tummy's as infants, didn't wear seat belts, and didn't have 99% of the gizmos and gadgets that are available today. And we survived, right? Over here, we are all for some good ole fashioned parenting... and we try to ignore all the gossip in the web world. So, don't believe everything you read. The best advice is your gut instinct. No blog necessary. :-) There's so much controversy over if bumpers are safe or not. We are bumper believers over here, and have done extensive research on the issue of crib bumpers, and our stance is that it does help prevent head bonks and fractured limbs. The CPSC recommends certain guidelines for baby bedding manufactures regarding bumpers - and we meet every one! You can read more about bumper safety on our website. But, just in case you are still nervous - don't worry! There's options! Most of our crib bedding comes as a 2 or 3 piece set, but here's some of our favorite bumperless crib bedding sets. (And yes, bumpers are available too!) bumperless crib bedding

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