Unique Cactus Nursery Wall Decor - Simple DIY String Art Project

Cactus Nursery Wall Décor String Art DIY

Have you seen us tease pictures of the most gorgeous southwestern cactus baby boy’s nursery? The full nursery reveal is here, you're going to want to check it out, I promise! But for now, we’re talking about how to make this AMAZING string art cactus nursery wall décor. My sister-in-law had received a cool wall art piece that was made of string art, and it gave us the BRILLIANT idea to re-create our own string art, life-size, on the main accent wall.

Unique Cactus Nursery Wall Art - Large Scale Cactus String Art

Yup. We totally winged this.

So, making a quick trip to our local craft store and digging through my toolbox, I gathered what might be the most simple DIY supplies ever; yarn, a few poster boards, a box of nails, scissors, and a hammer.

DIY Cactus String Art Wall Décor Supplies

We used the poster board as a stencil for the nails so that we didn't create unnecessary holes in the wall. (There are now a bazillion holes in the wall, lol.) I drew a simple cactus using two poster boards and held it up to the wall for shape. The best part of a cactus, is no two are the same - so we took a completely different shape for the other side of the crib so not to compete with each-others imperfectness. Although now writing this, I realize I could have used the same stencil twice. Oh well!

Cactus Nursery Wall Decor String Art DIY Starts with a Stencil and ends with String!

Then came the hammering! I started at the bottom of the cactus and the wall and hammered in a nail about every 2" all the way around. 

Nailing around the Stencil Close Up for DIY Cactus String Wall Art for the Nursery

Design tip: Make sure you put a nail in any corners (where the arms meet on the cactus) to create a corner, and put the nails on the curved parts of the cactus a little closer together. We also recommend using nails with a small head on them, you don't want the yarn slipping off!

Cactus String Wall Art DIY Steps 1 & 2 - create cactus stencil & nail around it

Next, comes the stringing - and the FUN part. I had my 2 daughters with me during install (the entire DIY string art project took about 2 hours, BTW), and they loved taking the string from nail to nail - there's no perfect way to do it,  you just keep going and make sure you criss-cross all the nails! When we felt like the cactus had good coverage, we took the last bit of yarn and went around the border.

Step 3: String it! Easy DIY Cactus Nursery Wall Décor String Art

Super easy right? Honestly, if you can just master the cactus stencil the rest is as easy as can be! Seriously, 3 steps to southwestern cactus nursery wall art bliss! If you have any teacher friends, you could even borrow their projectors and shine a large cactus on the wall to trace - wait, do projectors still exist? Hmmmm....

Are you going to give this cactus wall art a try? If so, we’d love to see your pictures & your nurseries! Be sure to tag us on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest!

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