Changing Pad Covers: Decor or Utility?

Parenting tips and tricks are invaluable as a new mom. You will be practically begging your mom friends for answers on how to help you determine how to get your baby sleep through the night or what the best solution is for diaper rash. But what about staying clean and organized? We can help you out with that one in one of the new areas of the house, the changing table! The best way you can help reduce stress and save time is to invest in changing pad covers. They can certainly be a time saver for all those inevitable accidents that happen. Plus, they can bring an element of style that will hopefully make you smile when doing the one of the not-so-fun parts of parenting - changing diapers.

Stylish Changing Pad Covervia Emerson Gray Designs

These little beauties are the perfect elastic sheet to cover your changing pad, making clean up easy breezy! You can't avoid little accidents and messes as a new mom... it's just not possible. But you can prepare for them, and a changing pad cover will solve a lot of your worries. Babies are messy; that's a fact. And no one truly enjoys changing a diaper. But it is a necessary evil all new moms have to accept and endure in order to truly appreciate the moments of laughter and happiness when they come around. The changing table is the perfect place for an accident to happen. That is why changing pad covers were invented! Instead of ruining the changing pad or worse, staining it, a changing pad cover protects the pad and keeps it lasting longer. It acts as a pillow case would to a pillow, easily transferrable and machine washable so the dirt and grime are easily lifted away!

Fun and Colorful Changing Pad Covervia A Small Snippet

But these changing pad covers aren't just used for practicality's sake. They come in all shades and patterns and can be tied into your nursery color scheme to add some style to your baby's room. They can even add that perfect splash of color you're needing for that side of the room. Check out Caden Lane's selection that perfectly coordinates with their crib bedding sets here! Changing Pad Covers that match your baby bedding

Everly's Garden | Aztec Gold and Mint | Gray Arrow

And another useful changing table tip for all of you out there with baby boys...the Pee-Pee TeePee from Beba Bean. Keep it nearby the changing table and it will help keep YOU dry during all those changings.

Let us know if you find your changing pad cover more of decor or utility for your changing table in the comments below!

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