Choosing the Best Nursery Design for Your Space

So you're going to be a mom...Congratulations! Raising a child, seeing them grow and turn into someone you're proud to call your own, that's a huge accomplishment! On top of watching your body change and grow, attending Lamaze and birthing classes, and skimming chapters of "What to Expect When You're Expecting", you have to also decide how to decorate your new baby's nursery room. But don't worry! How to choose the best nursery design doesn't have to be difficult!
The style of the room is the most important aspect because it affects everything else, from the type of furniture you buy, to the color of the crib sheets, to what you decide to decorate the walls with. It may seem slightly overwhelming at first to commit to just one style, but it's simpler than you may think! It instantly becomes easier if you know your new baby's gender. Once this is determined, you can decide whether you are going to stick with a traditional blue or pink color scheme or choose a more gender neutral one.
Girl/Boy/GenderNeutral Baby Bedding Nursery Design
The style, or theme, that you choose to create your nursery design can reflect your own personal style, or it can reflect the mood you want to set once the baby arrives. Some examples of styles are tribal, vintage, modern, pastels, or rustic. If you're going the traditional route and are having a baby girl, pastels are a great option! Try Caden Lane's Buttercup Baby Bedding to pull together sweet pink, ivory, and peach.
 Buttercup Baby Bedding Nursery Design

 Buttercup Crib Bedding from Caden Lane

The size of your nursery also affects which nursery design you choose. You're going to be spending a lot of your time in there gazing at your new, adorable bundle of joy, so you want the space to feel comfortable. If you have a smaller space, try to stick with a smaller, less bulky crib because you want to have room for other pieces of furniture. You can find pieces that have multiple uses, like a dresser with a changing table on top, to save space. Even though you may not be able to fit many pieces inside the room, that doesn't mean you have to cut back on cuteness! Your walls are excellent places for shelving and decorations that accent the nursery design you choose. Adding these can be just the right touch to make your space trendy!
Small Nursery Design

 Image from Charleston Magazine

If you have a little extra space to work with, you can splurge on items to fill your nursery, like gliders, poufs, and toy chests. Just extra necessities that add some flair to your nursery design! Once your baby moves into the toddler stages, the transition to big kid beds and exciting toys is easier with a bigger space.
Large Nursery Design

 Image from Project Nursery

Whatever nursery design you choose, make it fun and make it your own! Which one is your favorite? Show us which nursery design you'd choose in the comments below!

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