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Crib Style in the Nursery 3 Ways

Here at Caden Lane our favorite part of pregnancy is, of course, decorating the nursery. And what is the main feature of the nursery? The CRIB! So today we are talking about crib style and how to make it the focal point of the nursery and your inspiration for the entire room.  You can take your crib style in many different directions, from minimalistic to over-the-top, but today we’re going to look at three popular trends and how you can get the look too! First up is the eclectic boho crib style. This eclectic style is a beautiful mish-mash of trends including tribal elements, florals, and metallics. You don’t have to go bright with this trend, but we think it’s so fun and definitely fits the bill for a focal point! eclectic boho crib style Ecelctic Boho Crib Style Baby Bedding Picks As with all crib styles, you’ll want to take into account the style of your actual crib, the piece of furniture that helps create the overall look and feel. A modern crib with clean lines and minimal decorative accents would work perfectly with this trendy bohemian crib style. Think mid-century modern, like Land of Nod’s Carousel Crib. Some of our favorite baby bedding sets that match the style perfectly are our Tinsley’s Pink Boho Floral Crib Bedding, Olivia’s Bright Boho Floral Crib Bedding, and our Teagan’s Teal Boho Floral Crib Bedding. Pair any one of these with decorative accents such as a dream catcher, macramé wall hanging, and a metallic foil art print and you’ve got the makings of a fun eclectic boho nursery. Next up is the classically sweet floral crib style. This girly and feminine crib look will make sure you’re baby girl has class. Pinks, purples and even blues create a gorgeous color pallet for this type of design and help create an overall girly feel. Sweet Floral Crib Style Sweet Floral Crib Style Baby Bedding Picks I love the affordable Jenny Lind crib for this crib style, but an iron crib could be as equally gorgeous. There’s just something about the romantic and simple lines of these types of cribs that alludes to a girly and frilly crib style that fits perfectly in with a sweet floral trend. And the bedding! Oh my goodness. There is an abundance of sweet floral designs to browse through over in our Floral Crib Bedding section, but these three stood out as my (current) favorites. Harper’s Garden Collection is such a sweet take on the classic girly pink and purple combination, it makes me swoon! I love the watercolor florals and how versatile it can be. Take it more purple or more pink and either way you’ve got a gorgeous sweet floral crib style. Then there’s Felicity’s Floral Collection with its gorgeously vintage design. Pinks and cream with just a touch of dusty blue make this a unique crib set with a look that’s sure to never go out of style. Add on the gorgeous decorative crib bows and you’ve taken the sweet floral crib style over the top! And finally, Emma’s Blue & Gold Floral Collection takes a girly floral approach that’s not too pink, but just as sweet as can be. This is the perfect crib set that is still sweet without being too frilly. Plus, you’ve gotta love those metallic gold accents! Lastly, is the resilient funky tribal crib style. This style has been brewing for the last couple of years and is still going strong. Anything southwestern, tribal or Aztec is the perfect accessory for this style, including lots of geometric patterns, arrows, teepees, and succulents or cacti.  Choose the colors you like and it’s the perfect crib style for girl or boy! Funky Tribal Crib Style Funky Tribal Crib Style Nursery Bedding Picks A modern crib, like Babyletto’s Gelato Crib, would perfectly fit the bill for a funky tribal crib style. The thin and sleek spindles lend themselves to a trendy tribal vibe when paired with some fun and funky Aztec inspired crib bedding. My top picks from our Arrow & Tribal Bedding Collections are our popular Mint & Gold Aztec Collection, Black & Gold Aztec Collection, and Tribal Girl in Pink & Aqua Collection. Each of these is a perfect backdrop to a funky tribal crib style. I love that it’s such a versatile style that almost any colors you choose will work, and if you can’t decide just let the bedding you like most determine the color direction for you! Want more? Take a look at all of our crib bedding collections here!

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