Decorating for a Gender Neutral Nursery

Whether you are waiting to find out your precious baby’s gender until birth or just want to take a more general approach to the space, decorating a gender neutral nursery can be just as fun and exciting as decorating for a boy or girl! Plus, if you aren’t waiting to find out the gender that means you can start planning and decorating your nursery even sooner – which let’s be honest, isn’t that one of the best parts? Here are our favorite tips for decorating a gender neutral nursery that you’ll adore.

1. Start with a neutral palette

    It’s no surprise that neutral works for a gender neutral nursery. And while you don’t have to only have neutrals in the color scheme, starting with a neutral that can ground the room is always a good idea.  One of our favorites for a neutral nursery is gray!  This nursery features gray in a few different shades but is balanced out with lighter shades of white and yellow.
    Gender Neutral Mountain Nursery

    Transitional Nursery by Ottawa Interior Designers & Decorators Leclair Decor

    2. Match the décor style in the rest of the house

      Gender neutral nurseries are typically a little more sophisticated than gender themed rooms (though not always) so go ahead and let it flow with the rest of the house – remember the nursery is a space for you also. This shouldn’t be too difficult though, since it can be determined mainly by the furniture that you choose.
      Decorate the nursery in a similar style to the rest of your home

      3. Add an unexpected twist

        Gender neutral is all about the unexpected right? So why not add a fun twist to the nursery? This nursery has a unique hand painted ceiling that is absolutely amazing.  
        Unexpected ceiling painted in clouds in a baby's room

        4. Pick a baby bedding that you’ll love for a boy or girl

          Textiles can be one of the most difficult things to find that are truly neutral, so be sure you are going to love the neutral baby bedding if it's a boy or a girl. Here are some of our favorites from our big collection of gender neutral baby sets: gender neutral nursery baby bedding   What are you most excited about in planning your gender neutral nursery? Are you going to add in more gender relevant colors and accents once baby is born or keep it strictly neutral? We love the idea of personalizing the neutral nursery after baby is born.


          • Katy Mamari

            Hi Erin,

            Unfortunately I do not know where the plane is from. Leclair Decor designed the room and was asked the same question on Houzz (where the picture was taken from) but has yet to respond. If you click through the image it will take you to the Houzz page where it was featured and you can keep an eye out for if they respond, or possibly reach out to them. Sorry we couldn’t be of more help!

          • Erin

            Hello, where is the plane in the first pic from? I’m in love with it…

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