Deer Nursery Perfect for a Baby Boy

We know themed nurseries aren't really trendy anymore, and you know what? That's okay! With all the new styles and innovations that come with each passing year also comes changes in how experienced moms (or soon to be moms) decorate their nurseries. It's amazing we don't have more options than we do now! But if you are one of those moms that just absolutely loved the idea of having a focal point to base your creativity around, like a theme or character instead of a color or pattern, then we have a solution for you! Why not try a deer nursery, complete with bedding and accessories that go along with it?

Deer Head to Match Deer BeddingThe Alfred from White Faux Taxidermy

Little boys always want to grow up to be like their daddies. What better way to contribute to this idea than to start them early and incorporate animals to make the perfect deer nursery? Mix and match deer printed crib sheets with a blue color, or other solids. If you are feeling a little bold, you can try mixing the printed deer crib sheets with other prints or patterns. Why not try the Woodlands Deer Baby Bedding from Caden Lane, paired with the gold triangle crib sheet to bring in that pop of brightness! Don't forget to add accessories to coordinate your nursery throughout the whole room. A pillow with deer patterns on the cover, wall art with the silhouette of a deer, or even a deer head faux taxidermy piece like above, all make great accessories to complement your new arrangement! Gray and Mint Deer Bedding Essentially, we would like to believe that this would be for a little boy because deer are animals that live in the woods where men like to hunt for sport or fun. But there's nothing out there that says a girl can't have a little fun with the deer theme too! Deer can be feminine, especially when paired with pastel colors, ruffles, and bows. Take (this design) for example. Little girls want to join in on the fun too! But If you don't feel like a deer nursery design is girly enough, you can try a variation of deer, like woodland animals. It's still similar enough to be adorable, but adds a little fun twist.

Deer Bedding Accessories - Wall ArtDeer Wall Art from customedgestudio on Etsy

  How would you accessorize your deer bedding? Would you go all out or just add a few details to make your nursery perfection?  

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