Designer Baby Bedding

Designer baby bedding goes beyond a particular look or style, when we classify ourselves as a designer baby bedding company, quality is even more important to us. You know the saying "you get what you pay for", well we believe it's very true. We work so hard to come out with new print designs and color trends, and as quick as we introduce them to you - someone has a "cheaper" version online. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? Well, before you start shopping for the less expensive version, think about what you are buying this designer baby bedding for. Would you put cheap sheets on your bed? But you might for your baby? Cotton quality, construction, design... these are all things that we work so hard on. We want you to know that you are receiving the highest quality designer baby bedding on the market. Almost all of our collection is made right here in the USA, and the quality and construction of the finished product surpasses anyone else on the market. Did you know? Our bumpers are four separate pieces, two long pieces and two short. The benefit to this is it works well for convertible cribs, and the front bumper can be removed if your child decides to use it as a step stool later on. Most companies make one long bumper - thin and flimsy, and with convertible cribs it's all or none on using the bumper. So, if you're looking for true designer baby bedding, you came to the right place. Feel free to email us questions, we are happy to help with the design process, or answer any questions you may have. dark coral baby bedding Wait! If you are looking for designer big kid bedding, we have that too! Girly Coral Rose Duvet  

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