Designer Crib Bedding: Is it worth it?

Find yourself asking if designer crib bedding is worth it? And what's the difference? We are here to help! And trust us, at Caden Lane, we are experts on this! Here's some important things to look at when you are shopping for crib bedding. Remember, you don't always get what you pay for... but quality should be #1 in importance when it relates to anything for your precious baby. Cotton: not all cotton is created equally! You wouldn't put stiff scratchy fabric on your own bed, so don't do it to your baby either. Spending a little extra on a nice crib sheet and blanket will go a long way. The more expensive cotton washes better, the color won't fade, and it's softer to the touch. Quality: we manufacture almost our entire line right here in the US! We believe in quality above anything else (with style, design, and great customer service right behind it), and our products show for it! Our crib bumpers are all slip-covered with zippers on the bottom for easy care. We use only the highest quality materials, and make sure the construction of our products will last through the most important years of your life. :-) No thin, flimsy bumpers around here! Style: You won't see matchy-matchy in our product shots! There's no reason for every single thing in the nursery to be made of the same fabric. And design rule #1: do NOT over do a theme. Never. ESPECIALLY in the nursery. Most of our fabrics are designed in house, keeping our products exclusive and original... we want our designer crib bedding to fit in with the design of your home. It should inspire. And you should LOVE every bit of it. designer crib bedding

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