Designing a Sweet Nursery with Soft Pastels

Sometimes it’s best to go with a classic. Trends come and go, but a sweet, pastel-colored nursery is timeless. Soft pinks, yellows, and blues have been adorning the walls of sweet nurseries since film has been developed in color and will for years to come. Soft pastels bring to mind Easter morning, those melt-away dinner mints your mom saw you sneak from the restaurant exit as a kid, and the innocence and beauty of youth. Why not give your child a cotton-candy wonderland in which to rest her precious little head? (We promise the sweet tooth is merely aesthetic!). What’s wonderful about pastels is how versatile they can be; whether your boy’s room will be a traditional robin’s egg blue with sailing ships lining the walls, a sweet floral theme in pink for your girl, or for you progressive types, a gender-neutral mint or yellow palette, there’s a pastel shade (or twenty) out there for you. Yellow, grey, aqua, and elephants in a sweet nursery Elephants are the perfect animal to accompany any gender's space. Look at this amazing mobile from Etsy! It ties in the soft grey, yellow, and robin’s nest blue so perfectly, it almost makes you want to wait to find out your baby's gender. Almost… Mint Stripes help create a sweet nursery Mint is another color popping up all over some of our favorite sweet nurseries. The delectable green hue is adorable when paired with white. We love how they incorporated the big stripes on the wall and brought out the color via bedding and decorative accents, all while keeping the rest of the look fairly simple and clean. ballet pink curtains help create a sweet, chic and elegant nursery Last but certainly not least, this stunning, elegant nursery is beyond pin-worthy. This room proves that pastels can be be sweet and sophisticated, all at once. The soft, feminine drapes in ballet pink go perfectly with vintage-inspired lace bedding and the assortment of frames and prints (including Easter-bunny approved decorative touches!). Now, start pinning your favorite ideas for a sweet nursery! And don't blame me when a bag of dinner mints finds its way into your grocery cart... [caption id="attachment_2355" align="aligncenter" width="300"]meltaway-mints-choc melt-away mints (yum)[/caption]

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