DIY white plus sign curtain panels

DIY Plus Sign Curtain Panels

Design is never just black and white... it's more like shades of grey when it comes to style, preference and execution. But, we'd like to think our latest DIY Curtain project is as simple as "black and white." No pun intended, lol! 

What do you do when you have a certain curtain design in mind, and you can't find it anywhere? You DIY it, of course! We knew that solid black curtain panels just wouldn't do for this more modern, black and white bufflo plaid nursery, but the basic stripes, dots, or any other pattern just didn't perfectly coordinate with the style of the room. We needed to keep with the rustic decor, and didn't want too whimsical of a design, so we grabbed a few basic supplies and created these super simple curtain panels in just a few hours.

DIY white plus sign curtin panels

STEP 1: Gather your supplies! We ordered these black canvas curtains from Pottery Barn, and grabbed a few basic supplies from our local craft store. I opted for a more vintage antique white (instead of bright white) in the acrylic paint to give it that vintage look. You can use an classic sponge, old cloth, or my favorite for stencils is a stencil brush - it's super easy to apply, and I like how you can control how much paint is on the brush more easily. Grab a basic poster board, a ruler, and pencil from around the house - and get ready to DIY your stencil design!

DIY plus sign curtain supplies

STEP 2: Draw out your stencil on the poster board. We wanted the plus signs to be dramatic, and not overly repeated. So a large, thick plus sign was created. Ours measured approximately 11"x11" and each section was about 4" thick.

DIY curtain panels making the stencil

STEP 3: Using a straight blade, cut around your stencil design. You can use scissors, just remember you need the lines to be exact so that your paint doesn't bleed through any rough spots or corners.

DIY curtain panels cutting the plus sign

DIY plus sign curtains stencil pattern

STEP 4: Get ready to paint! After you decide where you want your plus signs to be, measure from top to bottom and make sure you write down how far apart you want your designs to be. I started at the bottom (although if I did this a second time, I'd recommend starting at the top), and using a little pressure on the stencil, I held it in place while I applied the paint. Using a paper plate, dab your stencil brush into the paint - I used a second plate to get the excess paint off the brush - and go for it! The best part of stencil paint is that it shouldn't be perfect. You want some areas to be thicker than others, and to have a transparent look to it.

DIY sponge paint curtain panels

Close up of sponge paint style

So there you go! 4 simple steps, paint and repeat until you have all your plus signs done! I'm so glad we went with a large white plus sign, it's bold and masculine, and adds that perfect punch to the solid black curtains.

If you want to see more pictures of this fabulous nursery, make sure to check out Crew's Buffalo Plaid Nursery on our site, and you can shop that amazing Hunter's Deer Baby Bedding and accessories too!

Black and White Modern Nursery

 Happy decorating friends!



  • Caden Lane

    Hi Brittany – I believe the curtains are approximately 50″×96″. To space them evenly it just takes a little math. If you’re putting two columns of plus signs you’d divide the width by 3, which is 16.67" in this case, and that’s where you’d want the center of your plus sign to line up. And if you wanted to do 4 vertically, as pictured, you’d want to divide the length by 5, which is approximately 19.2" in this case, and center your plus signs there. I hope this helps! We definitely didn’t measure to make them perfectly even in this case, so it’s okay if they’re not exact, you’ll never tell :)

  • Brittany

    Hi! I’d love to tackle this project. I’m nervous about making the crosses even! How long and wide are your currents and can you share the measurements you used for spacing the crosses on each curtain?! Thank you!!

  • Caden Lane

    Hi Haley! The curtains we used were the Blackout curtains, but I’m sure either would work fine! :)

  • Haley

    Are these curtains the cotton or the blackout??

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