Do I Need A Nursery Theme? How to Think About Designing Your Nursery

Do I Need A Theme For My Nursery?

One thing I see expecting moms get asked a lot is, "What is your nursery theme?" Replies tend to fall into three categories (and sometimes depend on how far along the mom is). They go something like:

  • Oh! It's going to be elephants [or another nursery theme] with light blue walls. We've picked out a ton of elephant books already, and we're hiring an artist to paint an elephant mural. (In other words, this mom knows exactly what she wants and needs, and has tons of space and creativity.)
  • Nursery theme? My baby's going to share my home office. A crib is good enough. (This type of mom tends to be short on space and time.)
  • We haven't thought about that yet. (This mom may truly welcome your input, or she just prefers not to discuss themes. After all, theme conversations can get heated!)

Of course, there are other responses, but the above three are what I see happening a lot. That said, do you need a theme for your nursery? Of course not, but taking just a few minutes to think about something as simple as crib bedding can really help you unify a nursery. Here's a look at the absolute basics.

At a Minimum

The minimum you need for your nursery with or without a theme - the furniture

Jenny Lind Dresser via Land of Nod | Jenny Lind Crib from Caden Lane Nursery

At the very least, your nursery should have a place to feed the baby, to change the baby and to keep all the baby gear. Last but not least, your baby needs a sleeping spot. So, you're looking at possibly a changing table (or changing mat), a rocking chair, a dresser or two, and a crib or bassinet.

Even if you're combining your nursery with a home office, making sure these disparate items of furniture match can be fun. Hence the entrance of themes…

Nursery Themes Can Be Fun!

If you're a mom who cringes at the word "theme," I understand. At the same time, if you're a mom who loves the word "theme," I get ya! The trick is to control a theme. Don't let it control you. For example, your theme might be two colors or an animal or a poem, and there's a lot you can do with that, no matter if you plan to go minimal or all out with your theme.

Floral Nursery Theme Ideas & Design Board

Prefer to keep things simple? Try to have the furniture match, and focus on things such as crib bedding, artwork, color selection (and perhaps a rug or two) to unify your nursery.

Love to go all out? Trends for 2017 should include open-floor layouts, cool cribs (think asymmetrical or convertible, for example), and softer colors with vibrant accents. DIY is also big, enabling creative parents short on funds to design a really engaging nursery.

Where to Start

Not sure where to begin as far as nursery shopping goes? Understandable. I recommend picking out the crib bedding first. It'll help you nail down colors, shapes and/or animals. Plus, it'll help you choose a fantastic crib. Many people forget this, but the crib is usually the focal point of a nursery. Invest a lot of care and love into it, and everything else should fall into place naturally. Don't worry so much about painting a fantastic mural first. Starting simply with crib bedding leads to great things.

Start Your Nursery Design with the Crib Bedding - Floral Nursery Theme Baby Bedding

Expecting moms have so much to worry about. Fretting over nursery themes shouldn't be something that adds stress, so make the project fun if you can. Take a few minutes to look at crib bedding, and if you love a citrus-themed print, hey, there's your starting point.

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