a gorgeous and elegant baby girl's nursery in dusty rose and floral

Ella's Dusty Rose Floral Nursery

We’ve been obsessed with watercolor florals since they bloomed in nurseries a few years back. But recently we’ve seen more of the subtle tones, a light and sweeter twist on the baby girl nursery. One of our newest vintage style floral bedding collections has the most gorgeous color combination of dusty rose, blush pink, a grayish green eucalyptus leaf, and tiny rosebuds. It makes for the perfect elegant baby girl floral nursery!


This is what a classic 2018 baby girl nursery should look like. The walls are the lightest shade of pink (Sherwin Williams SW6013 – Patient White), the furniture is simple and classic, the decor is budget friendly, and there are tiny touches of personalization throughout the entire room.

We can’t wait to share with you one of our favorite room designs of the year, and mostly - we’d love to help you recreate it yourself! (Scroll down for a super simple DIY on those floral rings above the crib - cause, we know that’s what brought you to this post anyways!)

Glimpse into a gorgeous baby girl's dusty rose floral nursery through a vintage mirror

Nursery Tip: when picking out your furniture for the room, remember there’re ways to take a boring piece and make it YOURS! This white dresser (from Pottery Barn Kids) came with boring metal drawer pulls, so we were on the lookout for new knobs that would coordinate with the room. We actually ordered two different knobs - pink ones, and white flower shaped pulls - and ended up using both on the dresser! I love how it gives it an unexpected eclectic feel to the dresser. And yes, we found those gorgeous knobs at Anthropologie.

Dresser and vintage mirror in baby girl's dusty rose floral nursery

Is anyone else obsessed with velvet right now? It’s the middle of summer, over 100 degrees outside, and all I want to do is decorate everything in velvet - we're crazy we know, but isn't it gorgeous!  We found these beauties on Wayfair and not only are they the perfect shade of blush, but they are buttery soft, blackout curtains, AND came in different lengths! That friends, is called a curtain panel score.

velvet dusty rose pink curtains for a baby girl's nursery

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference in design, we wanted to display a few of our favorite outfits - you know, the ones she’ll barely wear, and you spend WAY TOO much money on…. well, let them be part of the decor!

cute baby clothes used as decor and floral hoop wreaths above the crib

Shelves are a great way to display the little things that you need to keep out of reach from little fingers! One of my favorite (and easiest) ways to add a little coordinating color to the room is with the simple digital printable art you can find online! Our $5 download (click here) is a cute way to frame that flower combination you are obsessing over in the bedding (we are too!).

ballerina doll and shelf decor in dusty rose floral nursery with eucalyptus

And… what we’ve all be waiting for (and drooling over) - those GORGEOUS garland rings over the crib. One, two… three rings of nursery decor perfection. And all we used was 2 flower garlands (cut up), some hot glue and wire, $9 worth of metal rings (1 large & 2 medium) and a little creativity!

Flower Hoop Wreath Rings as Nursery Decor in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Gather your supplies!

We found 2 garlands at our local craft store (one filled with dusty rose flowers, and the other all eucalyptus garland). We heated up our hot glue gun, which turns out we probably only needed the picture hanging wire. But what’s  DIY without a glue gun? - it comes in handy to hold the garland in place like a second set of hands if nothing else! We also decided on 1 large and 2 medium metal rings (the small just seemed too small - so back to the store it went). 

Supplies for the Floral Hoop Wreath DIY Nursery Decor Project

Step 2: Cut & Secure Greenery

We cut our greenery according to the size of the ring - just placing it where we thought it looked good and snipping. We first tried gluing the greenery to the metal, but after a few glue spills, and it popping off multiple times, we secured it with thin picture hanging wire to keep it in place.

Attempting to hot glue greenery to metal rings

Attaching Greenery to Metal Rings with Picture Hanging Wire - Floral Hoop Wreath DIY

Step 3: Attach the flowers!

These were easier to attach with the hot glue - they attach easily to the garland! And I love how the larger ring has more flowers, than the others. But  - mix it up, your flowers options are endless with this type of decor, and  I think would even be pretty to go the entire way around!

Hot glueing the flowers cut of the flower garland individually to the garland rings

And if you're more of a visual learner, we even made a time-lapse video of our process:


We hope you truly love this nursery as much as we do! Leave us a comment if you have any questions or just let us know your favorite part! And if you want even more inspiration check out our other girl nursery designs, here


  • Jennifer Smith

    Did Caden Lane offer those crib rails when you did the nursery or did you buy fabric to make them? We would love to have crib rails in my grand daughter’s nursery but they aren’t available.

  • Daisy J Kozuch

    Hi love the blush velvet curtains, but having trouble finding them on wayfair. Please help:(((

    Kindest regards,
    Daisy Jean

  • Ashley Gonzales

    I saw in the video and pictures that there is a gathered crib skirt in the Ella’s dusty rose. Where can I purchase that at? I’ve looked through the website and can not find it.

  • Sarah

    I love the wooden sign with the letter E on the shelf. Where did you buy this?

  • Ashley Pikul

    Hello! Beautiful nursery. Are the curtains the ‘ballet pink’ option from Wayfair? Or is this specific color no longer available? Trying to replicate this look. Thank you!!

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