soft & sweet baby girl's bunny nursery

Emery's Soft Blush & Blue Bunny Nursery

Bunnies, Blush, & Blue

What is softer than a bunny? Uh, pretty much nothing! This mommy wanted a super soft and sweet girly nursery but we didn’t want it to be your typical sweet baby girl nursery so we threw in a few little twists like the blue floral crib bedding and some feathers on our floral garland just to keep things interesting! My very favorite thing about this girly bunny nursery is that it’s got a little something of everything.

Soft & Sweet Blush & Blue Baby Girl's Nursery

We wanted everything to be soft. So, we chose these super adorable bunny and hand-drawn floral animal pictures to reference that inspiration. But, isn’t that typical of a sweet baby girl nursery? Well, we saved our unexpected for all the places you wouldn’t think to look for fluffy soft!

I am just in love with the floating iron crib and how it really just becomes the focal point of the whole design. Our faux fur rug is the perfect cloud-like perch for this kind of crib since it really balances that sturdiness. It also adds some wonderful dimension. Remember, texture is a designer’s best friend!

Cute Bunny Picture over Rocker in Blush & Blue Nursery

It might seem kind of odd to choose blue bedding for a girl’s super soft nursery but, who wants to be normal? Not me! I think it turned out great and is definitely unexpected! Emery’s crib bedding is a sweet small scale floral on a soft denim-esque fabric and, believe it or not, was the real inspiration for this whole design. Sweet little flowers can translate into all kinds of things depending on where you’re wanting to go with them. We added a blush sheet and ivory lace bows for an ultra-feminine look and it completely works! I always say never be afraid to experiment - this is why!

That Garland Mobile!

Sweet Floral & Feather Mobile Garland DIY

We decided to add some seriously dreamy drama to the crib by creating this flower and feather... mobile? Garland? Art project? Yes! All of the above! This was a pretty easy DIY for creating such a big visual impact. I just grabbed a stick I found in my yard (I’m not even kidding!) and picked up some flowers, feathers and clear jewelry thread that coordinated with the colors I’d chosen at my local craft store and got to cutting and hot gluing. That's seriously it! We added some greenery for a bit of contrast. The leaves and greenery give a nice nod to springtime and bunnies and feathers - all of which are nice and soft! The invisible threads definitely give this a magical feel which is part of what makes this nursery so enchanting.

Design Tip: Always carry a swatch of your bedding fabric with you while you're out shopping so you'll get the perfect match every time! This made matching my little feathers and flowers so simple.

Move That Crib!

Are you not a fan of the floating crib? Or does it not work in your space? Not to worry, we moved things around before deciding on that layout, and you know what? They looked just as cute! The floral garland mobile looks just as adorable hanging against a wall as it does adding texture in the middle of the room. 

Sweet Blush Bunny Nursery with Crib Against the Wall

Play with the furniture in your space and try some unconventional layouts. You might surprise yourself and really like something that you might not have first considered! And remember you don't have to keep the room the same. This layout is much more suited to when baby grows a little older since it gives more room on the floor to play.

Love the soft and sweet look of this baby girl's bunny nursery? Check out where we got most of the items below and let us know what you love or what you would change in the comments!

Changing Table/Dresser - Restoration Hardware

Changing Pad Cover - Caden Lane's Emery's Collection

Baskets - Home Goods

Curtains - Restoration Hardware

Crib Bedding - Caden Lane's Emery Collection

Crib - Bratt Decor

Rug - Overstock

Bunny Printable - Etsy

Rocking Chair - Restoration Hardware


  • Caden Lane

    Hi Olivia – I’m so glad you love the nursery! I think our Fletcher’s Farmhouse bedding would be a great choice to help make this nursery gender neutral, along with changing out the floral garland/mobile with a greenery mobile. I think other than that you can take it more one route or the other after baby is born! :)

  • Olivia

    I literally am OBSESSED with this! However, we are not planning on finding out the gender of our baby, do you have any recommendations for a gender neutral, soft bunny nursery??


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