A sophisticated gender neutral modern farmhouse nursery

Fletcher's Modern Farmhouse Nursery | A Sophisticated Gender Neutral Baby Room

So we have a saying here in my home state that goes "everything is bigger in Texas" - and, I'm pretty sure that holds true in our most recent nursery reveal. Y'all, THAT mirror. It's 4 feet of the most gorgeous mirror and nursery wall accent ever. And, it somehow brings together this entire modern farmhouse nursery design. We've combined the timeless farmhouse style with a modern twist, added in a little bit of the trendy brass accents, and topped it off with the most AMAZING round mirror ever. We are so excited to share the details of this sophisticated nursery, where to buy everything, a super easy 2 minute DIY, and how to create the same look in your own home!

Modern Neutral Farmhouse Nursery from Caden Lane

There's something incredibly simple about this farmhouse room design, yet when you look at the main design features there's actually some really cool things going on. After all, what's a farmhouse style room without a little shiplap? Not into attaching wood planks all over your wall, we found a wallpaper that looks just like white washed wood, from none other than Joanna Gaines herself, that's super easy to apply and removable! Plus, it allowed us to securely hang that 4 feet of a perfect gold brass mirror from our favorite store of the moment, West Elm. Mirrors have always been a thing in the nursery, they perfectly frame the wall over a dresser or changing table, and we're all over the collage style walls that became so popular the last few years. But this one ladies, this one makes a statement. It's BIG, bold, and I want one in every room in my house. Plus, it does one of my favorite things... grows with the baby. Buh-bye super sweet baby decor.

Modern Neutral Nursery with Oversized Brass Mirror above Crib

P.S. we made that wall art. Yup. Vinyl sticker and a large size canvas. Remember, bigger is always better - and we didn't want to crowd the wall over the dresser, and needed something that could hold its own in contrast to that amazing mirror. I actually found this canvas at HomeGoods, it was already painted with the whites and creams, and we just applied the vinyl sticker saying on top. BAM. Custom wall art. 

Gender Neutral Sophisticated Modern Farmhouse Nursery Wall Art over Changing Table

Let's talk about that modern twist. I love how the black and brass accents give this farmhouse style nursery a bold and clean look. It takes the design beyond mason jars and farm animals and gives it an industrial modern feel that still compliments the neutral shades in the farmhouse style bedding, layered rugs, curtains, and decor.

Modern Farmhouse Sophisticated Gender Neutral Nursery

More magnolia wreaths, please. Silky green accents are showing up everywhere in home design, from floor plants to cactus' - we don't see this faux plant trend dying off anytime soon. Make sure to check out our amazing DIY video on how we created these pieces in less than 2 mins AND on a budget!

Magnolia Wreath Chalkboards for Farmhouse Nursery Wall Decor

Looking to re-create this look in your own modern farmhouse nursery, here’s where we purchased some of these fabulous items:

 Let us know your thoughts about this nursery in the comments below! Would you create a sophisticated nursery like this for your child?

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