Floral Baby Bedding Prints You'll Love

Floral baby bedding will always be 'in' as every year brings new and unique prints. Today, I am going to show you some of my favorite floral prints that you are sure to love. We all know spring is all about floral and the fabric choices and bedding options continue to impress year after year. What I love about floral is that you can find prints that are modern, or traditional, or vintage inspired. The one's I have chosen today each fit in one of those categories. First up is our Preppy Pink floral fabric that looks stunning and modern as a baby bedding set. This baby girl crib bedding features small, single roses in a tear dropped shape which looks sharp and polished against the navy background. Together with the floral print, flat panel crib skirt, and pink and navy color palette, this crib bedding is ultra contemporary and stylish. floral baby bedding For a traditional floral print, we chose our Pink Dahlia fabric that is featured in our Pink and Gray Dahlia baby bedding. The sweet and charming fabric is timeless and will never go out of style. The light pink polka dot crib sheet and light pink piped bumpers create a lovely bedding set that is perfect for a traditional baby room. floral baby bedding Lastly, for the vintage inspired floral print we selected Caden Lane's Lovely Coral Lace baby bedding set. This floral print features a unique sequence of flowers with a lace like ribbon set behind them. The aqua, orange, coral, and green colors in the fabric really emphasize the vintage aesthetic. Together with our coral ruffle crib skirt and coral and mint crib sheet, this crib bedding screams vintage. floral baby bedding

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