Floral Nursery Design Crib Bedding Inspiration

Floral Nursery Design Inspiration

It’s no secret that we love a beautiful floral print in the nursery!  Floral baby bedding is a trend that, in my opinion, will always be around.  The only changes are in the colors and styles of the floral design, so staying on trend is not hard, and it's easy to adjust to in order get the perfect floral nursery!

The floral trend is everywhere and it can be incorporated in many aspects of your nursery design.  My favorite way to incorporate the floral nursery trend is in the baby bedding.  Beautiful crib sheets, blankets, crib rail covers, pillows, and even crib skirts in on trend floral prints is an easy and accessible way for moms-to-be to create a floral nursery!  While many moms are using the floral trend in the other ways like bold wallpaper floral prints, which can be a pain to deal with later when your little one gets older, floral in your baby bedding and accessories is a great cost effective way to go! While there are many amazing floral trends out there, here are my top, and favorite, floral trends for the nursery!

Dark Floral Nursery Trends

 Dark Floral Wallpaper | Madeline's Navy & Purple Crib Bedding | Charleigh's Coral and Navy Crib Bedding

If you love navy and darker colors, then the Dark Floral trend is for you!  There are many options for all the moms out there from Charlie’s navy and coral to Berkeley’s navy and blush, to Madeline’s navy and purple!  The main factor in all of these bedding sets is the color navy.  Using navy and adding lighter coordinating colors is the way to get this dark floral trend in your nursery!  I cannot get enough of this trend – it is by far my favorite! You can even do a dark navy accent wall away from your crib bedding to add to the dark floral theme.

Coral Floral Nursery Trend

Boho Chic Floral Crib Bedding | Coral Camila Crib Bedding | Everly's Garden Crib Bedding

You can never go wrong with a coral floral design in the nursery! Coral has been a huge nursery trend that keeps going strong because it is such a beautiful color trend that is so versatile.  Coral floral nurseries can range because the color is so versatile.  They can be bold and sweet!  Coral Camila has bold and beautiful coral and turquoise tones that make the bedding the focal point in the nursery!  The Boho Chic Floral is a more modern coral floral trend with the flat panel crib skirt and large watercolor flowers – such a simple yet girly floral design!  And lastly, Everly’s Garden is a darker take on the coral floral trend with the use of navy.  The pixilated floral print gives this design a different feel than the normal girly floral print and I love it!

Pastel Floral Nursery Design

Pastel Floral Wallpaper via Glitter Guide | Felicity's Floral Crib Bedding | Holly's Hydrangea Crib Bedding

This floral trend is for moms that want to go the sweeter floral route.   Pastel floral designs can range from vintage to bright.  The Felicity’s Floral is more on the vintage side with the off-whites and light pink flowers. Then, there is the sweeter Harlow’s Watercolor Floral print that has more blush tones and a focus in the flat panel crib skirt.  Holly’s Hydrangea is a bright pastel and uses more aqua and purple pastel colors that make for a fun floral nursery design. 

No matter which floral design you use, you will not be disappointed with how the end result will turn out. Trust me!  There is a floral trend for each and every style of mommy out there and these Caden Lane bedding collections epitomize those styles to a tee! There are so many ways these collections can be made your own or even mixed and matched - because really, how can you choose just one that you love!  Which floral nursery trend is for you?

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