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I just got the new catalog, and had to share some of my favorites! I'm minutes away from ordering these fabric covered wall letters. If I could just figure out what I want to spell and where to put it! Each letter is 9" tall and only $15... Looking for 3D flowers - what about these! They would be very cool to attach to a tree too! (Set of 12, $18) Designing a Luxe Nursery with pops of hot pink? This funky kids' cuckoo clock puts a new twist on the time-keeping classic. These Floral Applique Panel curtains could go with ANY of our collections! And for the rocker boys rooms... how about these cool skateboard & rockstar appliqued pillows? Only $39 each! And finally - something squishy and colorful for the kiddos to read a book, watch a movie, or just hang out! Click here to see the Colorblock Beanbags!

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