Fun, Geometric Baby Bedding

Fun, geometric designs are popping up all over the place these days, from the resurgence of art deco-inspired interiors to that latest set of dishware you've been eyeing at West Elm, so why not in your baby's room, too? We're loving the geometric shapes and patterns that are landing on baby bedding and think you will, too. Geometric baby bedding ranges from cutesy and whimsical to chic, and look just as at home in a boy's room as a girl's. These versatile and trendy designs will look maaaahvelous in your baby's crib, trust us. geometric black and white triangles
 Inspired by This
We'll start off with this photo because, cute baby, am I right? But even without the adorable child in the photo, the simple black and white triangles look amazing in this gender-nuetral geometric crib set. This designer had fun with black and white animal pillows, too, proving that geometric shapes are indeed the perfect starting-off point for your nursery's design.   mint, black and white geometric theme
We've linked to this photo before, because duh, it's amazing. This room makes me wish I could fit in that crib and make it my own bedroom! But alas, we'll have to look to the sweet mint, black and gold geometric baby bedding combined with that iconic Ikea rug and fab wall decals for inspiration instead.
Black and gold Aztec tribal geometric baby bedding Black & Gold Aztec Baby Bedding
Are we sensing a theme here? I thought so. Apparently, gold, black and white look bangin' on geometric baby bedding designs! This is one of Caden Lane's Aztec-inspired crib sets, and it's divine. It manages to be sophisticated and trendy at once, and just think of all the gold and fur design accents you could incorporate into a room with this! *Swoon.* Aqua and Orange quilt Here's a quilt that's not actually intended for a baby's room (shhhh) but it would look perfect in a nursery for a boy or girl. The colors are bright and fun and there are all sorts of neutral crib sets you could mix in with this to create a really unique look for your baby's bedding.      

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