Gender-Neutral Baby Bedding

With three kiddos, I'm kicking myself in the bootie for not doing a gender reveal party at some point! If not just for your closest friends & family, I love the idea of a celebration to reveal the baby's gender. At our baby store Nursery Couture in San Antonio, Texas, we see mommies every day who have a sealed envelope in their purse with the gender. They are dropping it off with the bakery next door to have a cake made with pink or blue on the inside. cupcakes gender neutral Of course, not finding out at all (or until the birth) seems to be trending right now too! We hope you find exactly what you're looking for at Caden Lane, with our boy, girl, or gender-neutral baby bedding. Our absolute favorite gender neutral color combination starts with gray. We've taken our exclusive mod gray prints, and paired them with some of the most popular gray baby bedding color combinations that work for boy or girl. The classic gray and white pallet in this baby bedding sets a neutral tone, where more color can be added after baby's birth. Gray and White Modern Baby BeddingIf you want a little more color to begin with, our Bright Baby Green Baby Bedding is the perfect example of a bright color combination that's not gender specific. gender neutral baby bedding And the most popular trend of the moment is chevron baby bedding, and with three different neutral colors to pick from, our gold chevron crib sets have been a huge hit! chevron crib sets

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