Shared Farmhouse Nursery for a girly baby girl and big brother

Girly Farmhouse Shared Nursery

What do you do when you can’t decide between a rustic barn wood panel wall or sweet shades of pink and floral accents? You do BOTH! Being from the south, it’s no surprise that Georgie’s momma wanted something sweet and southern for her new baby girl. We had the pleasure of watching this beautiful girly farmhouse shared nursery come together from the beginning and loved watching our small local family of very talented women come together to help create the perfect nest for this sweet baby girl. (More info below!)

Sweet pink and gray farmhouse nursery

There are so many fun little DIYs in this nursery we don’t even know where to start! The talented Tracey from Tracey’s Fancy gave the popular wood panel wall trend a fresh take creating what looks like barn doors perfectly locked together with a perfect rustic wood heart painted to match her crib bedding.

Wood Heart Personalized Name sign from Tracey's Fancy

Momma mixed and matched her favorite pieces from several different bedding collections, she knew she wanted a little farmhouse-y, a little watercolor-y, and a LOT ruffle-y. I love how she added a little extra pop of pink with those gorgeous blush pink crib bows, and that PIG blanket, yes, yes, we know… it’s perfect.  If you're looking to mix and match your own crib bedding in a similar style, our farmhouse nursery collection is a great place to start.

 Georgie's Girly Farmhouse Crib Bedding Combination

Back to that little piggy, you’ll actually find her throughout the nursery. Momma has always had a thing for that pudgy pink farm animal and wanted to incorporate little touches of it with the farmhouse style trend. It's a match made in heaven we think! The vintage wall pieces were created with a few pieces of wood, a black and white photo print out, and some good ole fashioned mod podge. 

Farm Animal Wall Art in the Nursery

Storage space was limited, and any new momma will tell you that with a new baby you need LOTS of storage. And, ummmm a place to change the baby’s diaper too! (Cause there’s a lot of that!) Half of the room is actually shared with Georgie’s older brother Tucker, and the closets were really the only place to utilize storage. I love the idea of taking off the doors, squeezing the furniture into the new little nook, and optimizing the space for storage AND function. Not to mention the fact that they were able to incorporate girly farmhouse elements on one side of the room that seamlessly transitioned to a more "guy-ish" side of the shared room - well done!

Big Brother's side of Shared Girly Farmhouse Nursery

We love that big brother is right there to protect (and wake up) his little sister! Bravo mommy - this nursery is one of our all-time favorites and the perfect example of adding a little color and pattern to a timeless farmhouse style shared nursery design. 

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My Dream Farmhouse Nursery that's girly & pink and oh so piggy perfect!


  • Caden Lane

    Nikki – I’m so sorry but the pig blanket was a gift to the Mama and we aren’t sure where it is from!

  • Nikki Bremer

    Where can I get that pig blanket that’s laying over the crib?

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