Got Colic? Can't sleep? The Nap Nanny is the baby's answer.

Okay mommies - baby can't sleep? Wants to be held ALL the time? Have the words "colic" or "reflux" become standard in your vocabulary??? Look no further, we have the solution you've been waiting for. The Nap Nanny. According to the website: The Nap Nanny is designed to cradle baby at a gentle incline of 30 degrees, the doctors’ recommended angle for babies with gas, ear infections, colds, colic and reflux, the Nap Nanny is an alternative to an infant chair or Moses Basket. The Nap Nanny is made of foam and comes with a soft, washable cover and safety harness. You can even purchase slip covers in different colors! Need one ASAP? Shop online at  Nap Nanny. ($129.99) It's no wonder this is one of those mom invented products. Problem. Solved. P.S. We've been selling these like CRAZY in the store - so feel free to give us a call and we can get you one too! Leave a post, and we will give you a coupon code for a DISCOUNT!


  • Amy DeYoung

    Genius! My son has been sleeping in his car seat a lot at night because laying on his back is not his favorite position. The poor child seems to have no bed – lol :)

  • Anna

    Need help with my baby with colic! Heard this is great!

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