Gray Baby Bedding - Neutral or Not?

Are you tired of everyone asking you if you're choosing pink or blue? Why not choose a different hue? It’s nice to go traditional in your nursery if that’s what you have already planned for. You can never go wrong with a soft pink for a girl’s baby bedding set or a vibrant blue for a boy’s baby bedding set. But if you are in the mood to blaze your own trail, why not do it with some gender neutral baby bedding? Choose to take the path less traveled! Just because not many others have walked down this road doesn’t meant that you can’t!
Leave the drab, depressing, and boring ideas behind. If you choose neutrals, gray baby bedding is a great choice for your little new bundle of joy! But does gray have to be gender neutral? Of course not! When paired with different accent colors the look can be completely transformed to match either a girl's or boy's nursery. Oh the joy of neutrals!
Modern Gray Baby Bedding for a girl, boy, or gender neutral nursery
Gray is no longer the blah color it used to be. Whether you are having a boy or a girl, gray baby bedding can be used to spruce up your nursery and add just the perfect amount of soft and stylish oomph to your design. Try Caden Lane’s Woodlands Deer Baby Bedding for a bit of mystical feeling with pops of gold, gray, and mint. This cute gray baby bedding is the perfect way to get away from the traditional pink or blue color scheme without straying too far from the beaten path! Or try Micah's Mint and Gray Baby Bedding to incorporate fun patterns and a mix of mint and gray!
 Neutral Mint & Gray Baby Bedding
If you don't like gray, that's okay! Try out other neutrals, like beige, brown, black, or white (earth tones) to give a solid foundation to the room. This allows you more freedom to dress up other areas of your room with color! Add bright splashes of color to the dresser, curtains, or wall hangings. With a neutral or gray baby bedding, you have more options in the rest of the nursery to mix and match colors or create the calm, sophisticated look your friends will be dying to copy! Tell us: are you a fan of the gender neutral color schemes or the gender specific designs? Would you choose gray baby bedding?
 Beige Neutral Nursery Design

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