Gray & Yellow Nursery Design

I've never really been a fan of yellow, but lately I find myself drawn to it..... it's so bright, and happy, and sun-shiney. And when I think of yellow in the baby's room - I picture pastel yellow, a lot of it.... in an attempt to keep things "gender neutral" - and in the process, have ZERO creativity in your nursery design. Up until now. Obviously, I'm new to this blogging thing... but as I start to do the research on really cool nursery design blogs out there (like, and I'm finding all these beautiful pictures of nurseries that are COMPLETELY outside the box! And I'm loooving it! I'm loving it so much, that one of our new Limited Edition color combos features this happy-not-pastel color. And how about this room? Does it not make you droooool? Scroll down to the bottom pic! The creative mommy-to-be made these herself using a tutorial she found HERE. And I'm totally stealing this idea for my kiddos rooms. Especially since I LOVE fabric. What a cool way to add more "design & print" elements to the wall! (photos courtesy of ohhdedoh) 2010-04-leighton9_rect640 2010-04-leighton10_rect640 2010-04-leighton1_rect640 2010-04-leighton12_rect640


  • shawna

    love it! You might like too! :) Just downloaded the tutorial for those puff balls & am making them for my daughter’s birthday party!

  • Kate Robinson

    I am so doing this! NOW… which Caden Lane pattern to choose! Love the blog!

  • Peggy

    I am loving the blog!

  • Hillary

    What a great idea! We don’t have room for a bookshelf in the nursery so this is a great solution. Thanks for sharing!

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