Heirlooms & Hand-Me-Downs in the Nursery

After finding out that you're going to be bringing a new baby into this world, we're sure a million and one things are running through your mind! There are lots of purely exciting aspects of being a mom that you can look forward to. One of them is carrying on traditions that your own mother has passed down to you from when she became a new mom. A great way to keep these traditions going strong is to incorporate them into you and your baby's life. Some may be actions, like singing a favorite song or going on specific trips with your little one. But others can be actual physical items, like heirlooms, and you can use these hand-me-downs in the nursery you create for your own little baby! These are precious items that hold true value, and ones you'll want to treasure so you can pass down to your own little one.

heirlooms and hand-me-downs in the nursery as wall artvia Chic & Cheap Nursery

What better way to treasure a memory than to frame it right there on the wall of your precious new baby's nursery. Placing these hand-me-downs in the nursery of your son or daughter keeps them connected to their ancestry, but also adds adorable wall decorations! You can organize pieces of clothing in a shadow box or simply tack them to the wall and hang an empty frame around the items to create a montage on the wall. Shoot for something that looks like a photo collage, except with items!

framed heirloom items in the nurseryvia Lindsay Ballard of Makely

If you already have the perfect wall decorations picked out for your nursery, don't fret! These heirlooms and hand-me-downs in the nursery don't have to interfere with your nursery design! Did you have an "antique" baby blanket that was passed down to you from your mom, and hers before? If so, this is the perfect hand-me-down to accessorize your baby's nursery with, and later utilize once the little one arrives! It's a special thing to have something that's been in your family for a long time, and something you can keep in the family for futures to come. If you don't have a baby blanket that's been passed down through your family, and you want to start the trend, go for it! Check out this tutorial on how to make a little baby lace afghan for your son or daughter to keep in their family! Or check out some of our own Caden Lane baby quilts!

Afghan Heirloom and hand-me-downvia jewlbal3 at raverly.com

Another way to incorporate heirlooms and hand-me-downs in the nursery is to use old pictures! You may not have anything saved from your grandparents or parents before them that you can give to your children, but pictures are worth a thousand words. Just having the presence of their ancestors in the room will make them feel at home and part of something. And it will add that vintage-y feel you've been looking for!

Perfect Hand-Me-Downs for the Nurseryvia Lindsay Ballard of Makely

Little things like this make being a mom so much more special. What are some hand-me-downs in the nursery that you've been given?  

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