Decorating steps for a bright baby nursery with crib bedding

3 Steps to Decorate a Bright Nursery

Want to go against the grain and decorate a bright nursery? We love a bright and cheery baby room, but admit it can be a little harder to pull together than the calm and more subtle nursery.  It’s easy to go overboard and create too many eye catching accents, they’re just so darn cute!  But if bright and bold is your style then by all means go for it! It’s totally doable.  In fact, we have tons of crib bedding sets that are bright, fun and would be a great start to any bright nursery.   Here are some tips to help make the perfect bright baby nursery.

1. Choose at least 1 neutral

If everything is bright and bold your eye won’t know where to look and neither will your baby’s and that doesn’t make for a great design.  Before you make everything in the nursery bold and bright, make sure you ground the room in a neutral.  Some of our favorite picks are gold, gray, and white. Here's a bright pink nursery idea board with gold as a grounding neutral:

bright pink nursery with gold

2. Bring in bright colors with textiles

There are tons of bright and modern fabrics out there from solids to stripes, florals and other patterns.  So find one that you fall in love with whether it’s bright crib bedding, a rug you absolutely adore, or curtains that will frame out a window beautifully.   Whatever you choose let that guide the color scheme of the room. Here's a bright pink and mint nursery idea board that chooses a bright baby bedding and curtains:

bright pink and mint nursery textiles

3. Change it up with paint

After you’ve gotten your main color palette decided on, you’ll be able to find some great pieces that can fill up the nursery brightly and beautifully.  But if it all comes together and seems like it’s just not as bright as you want, try painting a piece of furniture to add another pop of color.  We are loving all the painted dressers that are used as changing tables, but you can also go a little smaller and paint a side table by the rocker.  And, as always, accent walls make for great focal points, but we’re sure you’ve already got that one figured out. Here's one of our favorite brightly painted dressers as a changing table:

Turquoise Dresser with gold chevron changing pad cover

Let us know your favorite tricks to getting a beautiful bright nursery.  We think they work for any kind of nursery - boy, girl or gender neutral - and we’d love to see yours!

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