5 easy steps to decorating a baby nursery with wall art and furniture

5 Easy Steps on How To Decorate A Nursery As A First Time Mom

There are a million and one ways to decorate a nursery. Okay, probably even more than that. It’s easy to see how so many choices can be a little overwhelming to some, even though it’s probably one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy, you know, besides the fact that you’re actually growing a miniature person inside of you. I love decorating and it’s one of the reasons I was so drawn to working for a baby bedding company that essentially helps to design nurseries. And while I don’t have a kid of my own running around in a gorgeously designed room, I have seen plenty of nursery designs crop up over my time working here, and even watched one of my co-workers design her nursery

as a first-time mom. So with that little bit of background, here is my take on how to decorate a nursery as a first-time mom – or at least how I would go about it.

1. Find Your Nursery Inspiration

This is very vague and unhelpful, I know, but stay with me for a second. Just like decorating any other room in your house (or apartment, etc.) there has to be something (or things) that tie the room together, be it a color pallet, piece of art, textile, or anything else. The fun part about nurseries though is that this is a little more open to interpretation since pretty much anything goes. Some people decide a “theme” is going to be their inspiration for the room while others find their inspiration in a color palette or design style like the tribal or boho nursery style that’s so popular right now. Whatever it is, be open to the not-so-baby-ish and traditional nursery looks. (We’ve come so far past cartoon zoo and safari animals!) You want to love the nursery just as much as baby since you’re the one that is going to remember it most anyways. One of our favorite ways to find inspiration, besides scouring Pinterest, is to find crib bedding that we absolutely love! Now I know this is extremely biased, but it is founded in a solid thought process: fabric and textiles, in general, are much more difficult to match to a room than paint and accessories. And since the crib is typically the focus of the nursery anyway, why not start there?

coral & navy nursery inspiration board - how to decorate a nursery

Crib Bedding | Rocker | Side Table | Dresser | Lamp | Wildflower Art | Loved Art | Felt Ball Garland

2. Buy Your Furniture

Now that you have your inspiration, you’ll have a better idea of the style of crib, dresser, etc. that would match the room you envision. Some of this you may be getting as hand-me-downs from friends or family (aren’t you lucky!) or you might be re-purposing some furniture you have on hand, and that’s great! The style you envision may lead you to a great idea for painting the furniture or otherwise updating it to match what you have in mind - DIY for the win! If you are purchasing these pieces, then it’s a good idea to do this early on, since many times these pieces can take the longest to arrive. When purchasing you’ll want to think about the pieces you want to invest in that can grow with your kid, and those that you may want to spend a little less on that might not get as much use. Dressers are a great option that can grow with your child vs. a changing table. And the crib can go one of two ways: invest in a convertible crib that you can purchase additional parts to convert into a bed they’ll grow into, or go with a less expensive option that you don’t mind switching out of once they get older (and possibly using for another child down the road). For the less expensive option, we love the Jenny Lind Crib that a lot of our crib bedding sets are pictured on since it’s not too expensive and shows the crib bedding really well!
Nursery Works Sleepy Time Rocker Furniture for Your Nursery Design

Nursery Works Sleepy Time Rocker

3. Purchase the Crib Bedding

If you didn’t find your crib bedding already, using it as your inspiration for the room, then now is the time to nail down that detail. Find something that flows with the style of the room, and that you love the colors of. More often than not this will help determine or solidify the color scheme of the room. If you can, get swatches of the bedding so you can see it in person if ordering online. This also helps to keep in your bag as you’re out shopping to see if accessories and other items will coordinate.

Adorable Crib Bedding to Help Decorate Your Nursery

Brett's Crib Bedding Collection | Charlie's Crib Bedding Collection | Woodland Deer Crib Bedding Collection | Trinity's Tribal Crib Bedding Collection

4. Paint Those Walls!

Now is the time to paint those walls! With swatches (or the crib bedding in hand) you can hopefully envision what would look great as a backdrop for the crib. Now, there are probably a million and one (+) ways to paint a wall: solid, stripes, mural, only paint half way up the wall, accent walls, decals, stencils, etc. Do what you think matches your inspiration. I personally, love a great accent wall behind the crib with more subtle solidly painted walls throughout the rest of the room. A great resource for this is your local hardware or paint store. Their professionals have always been very helpful in my experience.

Design Seeds Setting Tones Paint Color Inspiration for Designing Your Nursery

Setting Tones from Design Seeds

5. Finish It Off With Accessories

Get all the finishing touches together and in the room. Things like mirrors, artwork, curtains, rugs, and lesser thought of items like light fixtures can all bring the room together in its full glory! This is where you get to put your personal touch in and throw in some hand-me-downs, pictures, and other awesomely cute things that you’ll love seeing when you walk into the room. There’s enough on this topic to write an entire post on, and be on the lookout, because that will be coming soon! But with that, you’ll get to arrange (and re-arrange) things until they are just the way you like it and with a little bit of luck, it will come together as a gorgeous room that both you and your little one will love!

So there you have it, my not so expert take on how to decorate your nursery! Remember that a nursery is just like any other room in your house, except that you get to have a little more fun in decorating it and you’ll be fine! And since you actually have to plan for it, because that baby is coming sooner than you realize, you’re much less likely to put things off like you could do in other rooms. (Oh yeah, I’m totally going to change out that horrible light fixture and update the hall bathroom, said everybody 3 years ago!) Plus, your nesting instinct will make it all the more exciting for you as you get ready for that precious new baby to arrive. Are you ready to love the best-decorated room in the house? You’ll be spending a lot of time in there soon enough!

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